Tracking Down Covid-19 Origin


- SARS2 wasn't lab created - Peter Daszak pg - NYT: What We Already Know Is Troubling page - What we know, what we don’t know PolitiFact - Not a topic to be ignored blog - Debunked... page - A Critical Review: Edward Holmes et al rpt - D. Baltimore: What happened in Wuhan? page - Lab-leak: what scientists do and dont know pg - Grotty Wuhan Labs page via DRASTIC rpt - Trade in live wild animals at Wuhan Mrkts rpt - Nicholas Wade’s 2nd piece on origins rpt - Intelligence Community COVID-Origins Report - Why US outsourced bat research to Wuhan pdf - The Intercept obtains 900 pages shows GoF pg - Humanized mice 10,000x greater viral load pg - Rolling the dice making new virusus pg - DRASTIC publishes the DEFUSE Docs pg - Jesse @ Bloom Lab on @MichaelWorobey's pg

NIH Director Letter on Gain of Function

The grantee proposed to place a small portion of the newly identified bat coronaviruses into a larger portion of MERS-CoV to understand the potential origins of MERS-CoV in bats. The purpose of these experiments, to be conducted at WIV pdf - Origins of Covid-19 Report | US House Foreign Affairs Committee pdf | tl;dr @TheSeeker page

Elements of a Credible Investigation

David Relman, MD Stanford Medicine video

Why did infection control policies de-emphasize airborne transmission? page

Jesse | Bloom Lab

- Recovery of deleted deep sequencing data sheds more light on the early Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 epidemic page

"It is important to examine if other trust-based systems in science conceivably may have also been used to hide data relevant to origins / early spread of #SARSCoV2. This includes not only looking more at sequence databases, but also paper reviews, grant reporting, etc. (22/n) - Jesse Bloom page

- Analysis on GitHub - Bloom Lab page - After Covid-19 data is deleted, NIH reviews how its NCBI gene archive is handled page

Jon Stewart

"Science has eased the suffering of the pandemic more than likely caused by science" (humor) pge > "Maybe a Pangolin kissed a Turtle?"

Virus Timeline (Sequence of Events)

- 2012: Bat sampling (3 of 6 miners die) page - 2013: WIV samples where miners died page - 2013: Bat SARS-like coronavirus uses ACE2 pg - 2014 Oct: Pause certain GoF research page - 2015 Nov: Baric teaches Shi how to GoF pdf - 2015 Nov: Engineered virus stirs debate pdf - 2016 Feb: Daszak WIV produces deadly page - 2017 Jan: P3CO framework setup pdf - 2017 May: How to make “GoF” decisions pdf - 2017 Nov: WIV “chimeric” coronaviruses paper - 2017 Dec: Pause removed (with P3CO) page - 2019 July: CRISPR humanized mice page - 2019 Aug: WIV tests on humanized mice page - 2019 Sep 12: WIV database taken offline page - 2019 Nov: SARS-CoV-2 in Italy pg , @ydeigin - 2019 Sep 18: Pathogenic drill Wuhan page - 2019 Oct 18-27: Military World Games page - 2019 Oct: French ill after Wuhan games page - 2019 Nov: Rpts 3 WIV lab workers ill page - 2019 Dec 8: First confirmed case page - 2019 Dec: Hunt for patient zero points to page - 2020 Jan 8: Alan Abery / Peter Daszak tele call. - 2020 Feb: Dr Andersen flipped in 4 days! page - 2020 Feb: WIV workers vanish from web page - 2020 Apr: EHA WIV grant terminated page - 2020 July: EHA must provide sample to page - 2020 Aug: NIH awards EHA new grant NPR - 2020 Nov: BtCoV4991 renamed to RaTG13 - 2021 April: NIH bypassed P3C0 review page - 2021 June: Fauci urges China on medical page - 2021 June: Bats kept at Wuhan lab video - 2021 June: Shi Zhengli rare interview NYT - 2021 June: Jesse Bloom recovers deleted page - 2020/2021: Coronavirus world deaths page - 2021: Ian Lipkin 'outbreak' on 15 Dec 2019 pg - 2021: China told WHO 'outbreak' 31 Dec 19 pg - 2021: NIH funded risky Wuhan Lab projects pg

Vaccine Development

Meet the Germhunters Peter Daszak podcast W 'Billy' Karesh podcast Noam Ross pge

5 Questions

Stanford Microbiologist David Relman asks 5 questions page

Origin Species

- SARS 2003: 4 months civet cat - MERS 2015: 9 months camel - SARS-C0V-2: 18 months ??????

Competing Hypotheses

Natural Origins - Recombination (2 species) 45% - Natural spillover on to humans 5% Engineered Origins - Lab Leak 45% - Other Accident 5%

Unrestricted Investigation Overdue

U.S. secretary of state calls for more thorough investigation of Covid origins in China NYT Ralph Baric, Jesse Bloom, Alina Chan, David Relman: Investigate the origins of Covid-19 page

Washington Post

China is sitting on the answers - Editorial Board > WHAT IS China trying to hide about the origins of the pandemic — and why? page

Nicholas Wade

Origin of Covid — Following the Clues medium


Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19 search - Importance of Wuchang district analytics

- 17 months: A time-critical crowdsourced computational search for the origins of COVID-19 pdf

Classified Reports

Lawrence Livermore's “Z Division,” biodefense intelligence unit, issued a “Top Secret” report on May 27, 2020. > The report assessed that both the lab-origin theory and the zoonotic theory were plausible and warranted further investigation page

P3CO review bypassed

Potential Pandemic Pathogens Control and Oversight (P3CO) Framework was setup to make sure any gain-of-function research was conducted with oversight of concern for dual use. Chair page

> However, the NIH grant abstract reads, “Predictive models of host range (i.e. emergence potential) will be tested experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and virus infection experiments across a range of cell cultures from different species and humanized mice.” page

Humanized mice process in US FDA page

NIH Continues Funding EcoHealth

Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci - CSPAN May 11, 2021 video - Fauci fielded 2000 emails a day page

World Health

Tedros Adhanom, head of W.H.O, declared that the conduct of a specific investigation into the hypothesis of a Chinese laboratory accident was necessary. “It requires further investigation, probably with new missions and specialist experts that I am ready to deploy,” page , FT page

- Origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus - WHO report

Marion Koopmans, WHO team, admits coronavirus manipulation in Chinese animal labs. February 2020 interview uncovered by WCW page ,video

Lab Notes

Unseen Wuhan research notes could hold the answers – and why lab-leak rumors refuse to die archive - Characterization of a New Member of Alphacoronavirus with Unique Genomic Features in Rhinolophus Bats pdf - viruses-473498_revision-compared copy_20190408 gdoc

BSL-2 / BSL- 4 Labs

If coronavirus research was truly being conducted under BSL-2 levels in China, the case for an accidental lab leak goes up significantly. > Here it is. Wow. Shocking that bat coronaviruses in some cases studied in BSL-2 in China pdf

BSL-4 lab video shows decontaminated shower door opened twitter

Wild Food Markets

How Covid jumped? > The most convincing theory, proposed by Dr Peter Daszak, Dr William Karesh, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, and advisor to the World Health Organisation, is that Sars-Cov-2 made ‘the jump’ in a wildlife farm in southern China. These farms breed exotic animals like civets and pangolins for meat, fur and medicines. A farm may have displaced or provided a new home for a colony of the rhinolophid bats that harbour the virus page

Recombination (2 viruses)

Stanford Professor David Relman wrote: > arguments against deliberate engineering scenarios “fail to acknowledge the possibility that two or more as yet undisclosed ancestors (i.e., more proximal ancestors than RaTG13 and RmYN02) had already been discovered and were being studied in a laboratory—for example, one with the SARS-CoV-2 backbone and spike protein receptor-binding domain, and the other with the SARS-CoV-2 polybasic furin cleavage site; November 2020 paper One probable explanation via @franciscodeasis: - In-silico molecular overclocking of RaTG13 thread . - Thread unroll page

Mojiang Mine Bats

Full interview with Director of the WIV biosafety lab. Yuan Zhiming initially denied that RaTG13 came from the Mojiang mineshaft - 07:50s page WIV, EcoHealth, the Mojiang ‘miners’ cases and a bat sampling trip in April 2012 by Gilles Demaneuf page >> TLDR: 7 trips: 4 already known (Ge et al., 2016), plus other 3 with massive sampling until 2015, including 7896-clade. All already in Latinne et al. page

Francisco de Asis

Find the differences! >> Dangerous Liaisons Workshop (Feb-20) vs ESWI20202 (Dec-20) "Mojiang bat CoVs" and Ra7909 and Ra7924 missing in the slide of Feb-21. > That proved the 7896-clade came from the mineshaft and also that they have sequenced the spikes. via @franciscodeasis

Dangerous Liaisons Workshop

HKU - Pasteur Research Pole Feb 24, 2021 page - Dr. Zhengli Shi speaks from 1:11-1:44 and on RaTG13?s at 3:04 video

Lab-Made Theory

Ebright’s concerns go even further. The American lab director said the Wuhan Institute of Virology was engaged in “gain-of-function” research on bat coronaviruses, or work that typically attempts to add capabilities to viruses in the lab that they do not naturally have.

- $3,378,896 was paid to ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE, INC. where Peter Daszak is listed as the Project Leader (official data only goes back to 2014) also see page

- "Not true - we’ve made great progress with bat SARS-related CoVs ... tweetstamp

WIV Lab Leak Pushback

- What started pushback against Wuhan "Lab Leak" theory? Metzl on Rogan - March 9, 2021 video

GoF Lab Experiments

Vincent Racaniello interviews Peter Daszak on recorded 9 December 2019, three weeks before the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission announced an outbreak of a new form of pneumonia >> video , twitter

Full video at 29:50 minutes, Peter Daszak: "You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily. Spike protein drives a lot of what happens ... So, you can get the sequence ... build the protein ... insert into the backbone of another virus and do do some work in the lab" video


Ex-Evergreen College cellular biology professor a generalist specializing in bat genomics discusses furin site cleavage and gain-of-function experiments in virology labs. page , page

Bioinformaticians Open-source

Genome characterization of 2019-nCoV page

After nine months bioinformaticians confirmed that RaTG13 was previously named BtCoV4991.

With 98.7% similarity at the whole genome level, BtCoV4991 could be a perfect backbone for SARS2.

>> Missing are eight sequences starting with

MN312632 Bat beta7905 - WIV+EcoH MN312671 Bat beta7896 - WIV+EcoH << MN312672 Bat beta7931 - WIV+EcoH MN312635 Bat beta7921 - WIV+EcoH MN312634 Bat beta7909 Rhinoiophus affinis Yuunna 2015 - WIV+EcoH May-15 China Tongguan MN312636 Bat beta7924 - WIV+EcoH MN312673 Bat beta7952 - WIV+EcoH

Notably, virus variants in humans are adapting toward the source (highly unusual in nature). In-silico phylogenetic sequence searches continue (65,000 computational processes in France).

"Humans are the top species in which SARS-CoV-2 is both efficiently translated as well as optimally interacting with ACE2" h/t @Daoyu15 page

Gain of Function

David Relman questioning Ralph Baric in 2014: "Suppose you had a transgenic animal with a human receptor and there was evidence that there was some predictability for human-to-human respiratory transmissibility. Would that experiment be appropriate, do you think?" c/o @nogofroc video

In 2014 the Obama admin moved to prohibit gain of function [GoF] research. page > So does that mean that research funded by R01ai110964 was prohibited? No. The research funded by this grant has centered on tracking and identifying naturally occurring coronaviruses - not engineering them. The research was carried out in facilities equipped to do that work. 16/n

Ralph Baric Patent

Methods and compositions for chimeric coronavirus spike proteins page Abstract The present invention provides compositions and methods comprising a chimeric coronavirus spike protein. What is claimed is: 1. A chimeric coronavirus spike protein comprising, in orientation from amino to carboxy terminus: - a) a first region comprising a portion of a coronavirus spike protein ectodomain that precedes a coronavirus spike protein receptor binding domain (RBD) as located in a nonchimeric coronavirus spike protein, of a first coronavirus; - b) a second region comprising a coronavirus spike protein receptor binding domain (RBD) of a second coronavirus that is different from said first coronavirus; - c) a third region comprising a portion of a coronavirus spike protein S1 domain as located in a nonchimeric coronavirus spike protein immediately downstream of the RBD, contiguous with a portion of a coronavirus spike protein S2 domain as located immediately upstream of a fusion protein domain in a nonchimeric coronavirus spike protein, wherein said third region is of said first coronavirus; and - d) a fourth region comprising a portion of a coronavirus spike protein from the start of the fusion protein domain through the carboxy terminal end as located in a nonchimeric coronavirus spike protein of a third coronavirus that is different from said first coronavirus and said second coronavirus.

Proximity is a Challenge

Ralph Baric states he *probably* cannot rule out the lab leak hypothesis (final paragraph of Section XII) page

Unique Addaption

In silico comparison of spike protein-ACE2 binding affinities across species; significance for the possible origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Research work by Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky. Overall, the data indicates that SARSCoV2 is uniquely adapted to infect humans, raising questions as to whether it arose in nature by a rare chance event or whether its origins lie elsewhere. Coronavirus may have been a 'cell-culture experiment' gone wrong video

Human airway cells grafted in mice

Shi Zhingli, nicknamed “bat woman,” engineered genetic hybrids of bat coronaviruses, successfully getting them to infect human airway cells grafted in mice page

Receptor Recognition in Mice

B1.351 and P.1 variants extend SARS-CoV-2 host range to mice page (not yet peer-reviewed). See 2019 study relating coronaviruses to transgenic mice expressing human ACE2 page - Rhinolophus bat coronavirus BtCoV/4991 page

EcoHealth Funding 2018 - Top 5

- $11.5 million: from U.S. AID - $2.5 million: from U.S. Dept of Defense - $601,474: from U.S. Dept of HHS - $783,412: from Dept. of Homeland Security - $900,000: from Johnson and Johnson

- $5.38 million estimated from DTRA pdf

$60 million 2013 - 2020

The Pentagon gave $37.5 million to EcoHealth Alliance, which funded a lab in Wuhan, China, between 2013 and 2020 - The majority of the DoD funding came from the DTRA, a military branch with a mission to 'counter and deter weapons of mass destruction and improvised threat networks' page - DoD awarded 68% of EHA budget video

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch lists the nine grants to EcoHealth Alliance from the NIAID, where Dr. Fauci has been the director since 1984: - One grant awarded each year between 2010 and 2012 to EcoHealth Alliance, working with Chinese collaborator Jinping Chen of Guangdong Entomological Institute, to study in China "Risk of Viral Emergence from Bats." - One grant awarded each year from 2014 to 2017 to EcoHealth Alliance, working with Chinese collaborator Changwen Ke of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Guangdong, in a project titled "Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence." - A grant was issued in 2012 to EcoHealth Alliance, working with Xiangming Xiao of the East China Normal University, in a project titled "Comparative Spillover Dynamics of Avian Influenza in Endemic Countries." - A grant was issued in 2018 to EcoHealth Alliance, again working with Ke in the project called "Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence."page


The Science and Politics of Predicting and Preventing Pandemics - Columbia Oct 2020 page 50:19 Daszak on lab manipulation is non-logical page


Jake Sullivan, speaking on Face The Nation, President Joe Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, said the report being prepared by a team of experts led by the WHO cannot be trusted. MARGARET BRENNAN: Jake we're about to cross this milestone of half a million Americans dead due to COVID. Do you think there needs to be a 9/11-style commission to figure out what went wrong? video - The WHO report cannot be the final word page

Medical Records

Anthony Fauci urges China to release medical records of Wuhan lab workers - FT page

Patient Zero

- Connor Reed, a 25-year-old expat teacher from North Wales, was the first British man to contract the killer virus in November last year, while working at a school in Wuhan, China page >>describes how 'worst disease he ever had' left him sweating, shivering, and struggling to breathe as his eyes burned and bones ached

Jamie Metzl

- Jamie maintains a blog on the origins of SARS-Cov-2 page - Metzl on 60 minutes WHO-led inquiry March 2021 video

> Jamie previously served within the Clinton administration in the U.S. National Security Council, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and as a Human Rights Officer for the United Nations in Cambodia. His Wikipedia page

Lessons Learned Download

State Dept Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Jan 15, 2021 page - Illnesses inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology - Research at the WIV - Secret military activity at the WIV Matt Pottinger on "Face the Nation" - Feb 22, 2021 video

Inside the WHO-China Mission

- NIH on hot seat with call for investigation into US funding to Wuhan lab page - Members of the WHO-China mission discuss their investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus. March 2021 Chatham House video

EcoHealth Grant Application

- EHA NIH grant avoided P3CO review page - Aim 3 of Peter Daszak's grant AI110964-06: Create a virus-like SARS-CoV-2. page - EHA failed to disclose its work was supported by taxpayer funds page - EHA violated the Stevens Amendment page - EHA President WIV past raises questions page - EHA kept research records with WIV pdf . - NIAID grant U19AI107810 page , news

Potential Conflict of Interest

Scientists sound alarm on WHO team's public dismissal of lab leak theory, cite investigators' "fixed views," lack of access page

> potential conflict of interest posed by Peter Daszak, the director of a New York-based science nonprofit who funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal money to the Wuhan lab in the years leading up to the pandemic.

The drafter of The Lancet statement was none other than the president of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak. Which means that the very statement that, for many months, shut down open debate on the possible laboratory origin of the China Virus, was actually the product of an organization that was collaborating with the Wuhan lab in the genetic engineering of coronaviruses page

>BBC: Given this report rules out a lab-leak, isn't your credibility on that a little undermined by the fact that you ruled out a lab-leak even before you came here? >Peter Dazsak: No! page

hidding tracks

conflicted "raison-detre"

- An investigation into the WIV databases that were taken offline page

Database Down

French data scientist Gilles Demaneuf, who helped organize the March and April open letters, said the Wuhan Institute of Virology shut down its online database holding thousands of genetic sequences for bat coronaviruses in September 2019 – about three months before the city recorded its first Covid-19 cases.

Recovered Records

You will never hear that "98.7%" from anyone at WIV or WHO

> They mixed matched sequences and made the phony seq and changed its earlier name. They knew that from RdRp, intelligent people would deduce that it’s the same. Themselves. And then they will nod! I think they used 4991 whose genome would be 98 percent similar, for cov 2.

Updated the DeletedDB paper to reflect the contradictions in recent statements made about that DB.

These contradictions should ring some alarm bells.


Phylogeny of SARS-like betacoronaviruses including novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 page RaTG13 is a positive-strand RNA virus. RaTG13 is the closest virus found in nature to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

- with a 96.2% similarity. - SARS-CoV-1 has approximately an 80% similarity - pangolin coronavirus (Pangolin-CoV) has up to a 92% similarity to SARS-CoV-2. - bat coronavirus RmYN02 collected in 2019 from Rhinolophus malayanus in Mengla County in Yunnan, China has up to 93.3% similarity. The S protein of RaTG13 virus does not have the Furin cleavage motif RRAR↓S page

- SARS‐COV‐2 chimeric structure and furin cleavage site might be the result of genetic manipulation study


Expert: difference between COVID-19 and the virus from bats is 96.2 pct. RaTG13 needs 50 yrs for similarity video

Similarity Tools

Using NCBI NIH Blast page We ran a similarity search on closest Bat and Human species: - Rhinolophus malayanus (RaTG13) and Human (SARS-COV-2).

Names of the RaTG13 Amplicon Sequences page

Similarity Blast Search

RID: 3BEE6H84016 Job Title:Nucleotide Sequence Program: Database: nt Nucleotide collection (nt) Query #1: Query ID: lcl|Query_12971 Length: 9

>>> No significant similarity found.

Also, see GenBank the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences page

Mutant Strains

- B117 (Kent) - which mutations matters page - California man tests positive for Covid-19 weeks after getting second vaccine dose page - Why spike protein mutants spread faster video - B117 on track to predominate @TrevorBedford

Human Challenge Trails

The world’s first Covid-19 “human challenge” trial - infecting healthy young adults 18-30 with coronavirus - will begin in London within a month, to analyze the virus and how the immune system responds. Dr's will monitor how the virus infects the immune system so effectively. Every aspect will be controlled including quarantine and follow-ups. page

- Twelve months later, still in intensive care. The doctors still don’t understand why Covid had such a devastating effect on Peter Draper page

Wuhan Patents

Researchers have uncovered accounts from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) scientists and applications for patents for bat breeding that refute World Health Organization (WHO) inspector Peter Daszak's claims that the lab does not house live bats captured in the wild page

- A kind of carnivorism bat rearging cage patent - Artificial breeding method for wild bat of predatory worm patent

Notice patents filed by Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院武汉病毒研究所). Filing dates are 2018-06-15 and 2020-10-16.

Related Lab leaks

LiveScience -- Just today (April 18), the vice director of WIV Zhiming Yuan CGTN, the Chinese state broadcaster, said "there is no way this virus came from us," NBC News reported. "We have a strict regulatory regime and code of conduct of research, so we are confident." page

- Officials punished for SARS virus leak By Zhang Feng (China Daily) Updated: 2004-07-02 01:06 page - China calls Germany's Bild 'despicable' for reporting on Wuhan lab leak theory page - Group of scientists presses for fresh inquiry, including into lab escape theory page - Call for a Full and Unrestricted International Forensic Investigation into the Origins of COVID-19 pdf


Not everything that is researched in labs is published

Wuhan lab's database of 22,000 virus samples, which had been taken down due to hacking concerns, was conducted with EcoHealth Alliance. "We basically know what is in those databases" - Peter Daszak page

> Viruses with sequences closely resembling SARS-CoV-2 were renamed in an apparent attempt to obfuscate their previous work with these viruses before the pandemic. page

> WIV has alleged that it had to remove access to the DBs for security reasons, because they had supposedly been targeted by hackers. page

The main DB,, could easily fit on a USB key that could have been given to investigators.

Alexa Crawls @alexa99 is holding out against an attempt to erase WIV Wildlife-borne Viral Pathogen Database from the internet archive @waybackmachine page

Emails show scientists scrubbed early warning of potential lab origin of COVID-19 page - In February of 2020, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy directed the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to "rapidly examine the information and data needed to help determine the origins of the novel coronavirus that is causing a global outbreak of respiratory illness." page - Yet, in an earlier draft, sent by National Academies Board on Health Sciences Policy Director Andrew Pope, the response letter offered a more speculative interpretation, advancing a natural-origin theory of the disease while expressly leaving open the possibility that it escaped from a lab in some form. page

No Competing Interests

A competing interest exists when the authors' interpretation of data or presentation of information may be influenced by their personal or financial relationship with other people or organizations page

Does the author declare no competing interests?

> - Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19 Lancet > - EcoHealth orchestrated key scientists statement report

"I have no grants or funding or ongoing collaborations with either): page > - Angela Rasmussen - PhD pdf Doctoral advisor - Vincent Racaniello > - Peter Daszak - PhD page TWiV hosted by Vincent Racaniello

> - Dr. Rasmussen - Institutional Bio Safety Committee UW pdf WHO tweet > - Dr Wesley C. Van Voorhis, applicant. > - NIH funding. August 27, 2020 page

Carrie Wolinetz is NIH head of dual-use policy: > - "It's my day off, but I was delighted to turn on the radio and hear @angie_rasmussen answering questions about #COVID19 #vaccines pge twt


Global map Predict map Mojiang Mine maps

Global Virome Project

Congress is finally investigating the lab accident covid-19 origin theory |-Opinion - Congress to spend $1.2 bln, 6x on EHA page - Global Virome Project page - Competing interests: None declared. page - Dr. Eddy Rubin page - Background: Viral Diseases Workshop page


Via C. R. Rund on LinkedIn: Redaction codes link (now restricted access) Since I directly reported to Peter [Daszak], worked on this project, and I worked in that classified space, my guess is that the derivative classifier is worried that the combined information from those emails in combination of others will reveal derogatory information about the US government: 1. Dual Use Research of Concern- research at WIV paid for by NIH and managed by EcoHealth Alliance could have been mirrored in the classified space in the US. 2. The gross negligence and mismanagement of research sponsored by NIH via EcoHealth Aliance’s at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, undermines state level relations between the US and China. 3. Confirm that the NIH was grosely negligent, or was directly knowledgeable, in the mismanagement of funds directed to WIV through EcoHealth Alliance. Meaning that NIH did not properly manage obvious risks nor did they effectively oversee contract funds releated to high risk DURC. 4. That NIH and FB and EcoHealth Alliance directly engaged in a cover-up scheme, where further investigations into the cover up will reveal classified research or intelligence, peripheral to the primary investigation of the cover up activity.

Scientific Journals

- Pandemics | video - One Health | Springer page

- Kingston Author is "Daszak, Peter" page p > Kirsty Swinnerton DICE page > Stanley Ball cited by Zhengli Shi p p p

Global Virome Project

Officials at USAID who ran the high-risk virus-surveillance program left USAID and now chair the Global Virome initiative calling for $1.2 billion in new funding for the program page - Dennis Carrol bio - Jonna Mazet bio


- The Lancet - Outbreak - Jan 24, 2020 page - State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses page - Wuhan Tianhe Airport Special Passage for Military Games - Sept 25, 2019 page - How China's 'Bat Woman' hunted down viruses from SARS to SARS-CoV-2 page - Researchers discovered cave 15 yrs ago page - Living links doc by @ErinSandersNP page - Dr. Li-Meng Yan 'interviews' page - Yan Report Paper 1 page - Yan Report Paper 2 page - Yan Response to CNN page - Dr. Angela Rasmussen 'unlikely' page - Peter Daszak ‘Heinous!’ page - Hidden military funding page - Five days that shaped the outbreak page - 54 Days: China and the pandemic page - 54 Days: America and the Pandemic [2/2/2021] - Evidence No Natural Evolution page - Covid-19 Likely in U.S. in Mid-December 2019, CDC Scientists Report page - Orchestrated statement on natural origin page - The Proximal Origins of SARS-CoV-2 page - How a Wuhan lab became embroiled-FT page - Six reasons a lab leak is unlikely page - Bayesian analysis concludes came from a Lab page video about the paper is here: page - Luc Montagnier HIV Nobel Prize Winner says virus bioengineered in lab page - WHO: Daszak offers behind scenes look page - Serological Evidence of Bat SARS-Related Coronavirus Infection in Humans, China pdf - WIV lab head rebukes Pompeo's WSJ commentary [disinformation campaign?] page - WHO inspector revealed coronavirus manipulation in Wuhan before pandemic page - In 2018, Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab politico - Alina Chan, a molecular biologist, on being labeled a conspiracy theorist page - The WHO’s inability to divorce itself from Beijing’s propaganda doesn’t help page - EcoHeath eyes $98 million of $1.9 trillion page - NIH pressed EHA for info on WIV lab page - Investigation of NIH/EIS funding WIV page - New emails show scientists’ deliberations page - WHO Covid-19 Investigator Peter Daszak has ties to the Chinese Communist Party - Report - China’s deception over COVID-19’s origins gets more outrageous every day - Opinion - Signals Hubris or Ignorance page - China’s coronavirus vaccine shows military’s growing role in medical research page - No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19 page - ESWI2020 keynote lecture Zhengli Shi page - Unseen Wuhan research notes could hold the answers (lab-leak rumors refuse to die) page - Epic Screw-up of US and China TheHill - WHO and Critics Look to Next Steps page - Plan to expand US GoF budget 6-times page - Networking for advanced users page - Lawmakers ask for details from EcoHealth pdf - Russians Say COVID Came from an American Lab in China. Is It True? page - Fauci Relaunched NIH Gain-of-Function page - Science Politicized--MIT Technical Review page - $61,491,183 Federal Grants to EcoHealth page - Is Furin Cleavage Site a COVID-19 'Smoking Gun,' or Is it a Damp Squib? page - Rep Anna Eshoo, chairman of a congressional committee overseeing biotechnology page - Letter to DNI Haines for IC investigation pdf - Stakes of finding Covid-19s origins page - Profiling key players in GoF research page - Our incompetent elites and C19 origins page - Intelligence on sick staff at Wuhan Lab page - No, Science clearly shows that COVID-19 wasn’t leaked from a Wuhan Lab page . Forbes page - About 1 in 13 billion is zoonotic in origin page - Dalgleish & Sørensen fight to publish page - The media’s lab leak fiascopage - Opinion from India page - TWiV 760: SARS-CoV-2 origins w/ Peter Daszak, Thea Kølsen Fischer, Marion Koopmans page - Hidden agendas kept us in the dark page - Lab leak looking increasingly plausible page - State Dept staff warned against probing page - Presence of double CGG sequence page - Gag the Covid lab leak theory page - NIH Funding for Lethal ‘Analysis’ page - Emerging and Re-emerging viruses page - Leading biologist dampens his ‘smoking gun’ Covid lab leak theory page - NIH Head accuses Paul of misinformation page - Contradicted by Wuhan web page archive - Fauci argued for GoF benefits over risks page - Bats and Pangolins weren’t sold in Wuhan’s wet markets, but other mammals were page - RpYN06 exhibited 94.48% SARS2 identity in Yunnan bats (also found in parts of Asia) page - Opinion from India (10% SARS2 deaths) page - The Most Inaccurate Op-Ed Yet page - Did COVID-19 Leak From A Lab? 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