Tracking Coronavirus Investigations

SARS-CoV-2 Smoking Gun

We found that SARS-CoV has the restriction site fingerprint that is typical for synthetic viruses pdf - Pending peer review SARS-Cov-2-Smoking Gun

World Health Report

WHO report has said origins of virus are still unknown and recommended further investigation page

Conflicts of Interest

YOUTUBE uZa5k87ByOk Jeffery Sachs, who is heading the COVID-19 commission for Lancet, once believed expert consensus that lab leak theory was a nothingburger.

Growing List of Coincidences

Jeffrey Sachs Presents Evidence Of Possible Lab Origin Of Covid-19 page > On the suggestion of an investigation, Nunberg is in agreement. “You can’t argue with that,” he told The Intercept. “Who’s going to argue for burying one’s head in the sand?”

The Sequence Read Archive

NIH Acting Director Lawrence Tabak on the deletion of early COVID sequences at the behest of Chinese scientists page > “There’s no question that the communication that we had about the sequence archive—the Sequence Read Archive—could have been improved,” Tabak responded. “I freely admit that. If I may, the archive never deleted the sequence—it just did not make it available for interrogation.” > Herrera Beutler then asked if the NIH still has the information. > “We have the information,” Tabak answered.

"mice death cover-up”

EcoHealth reported that its infected mice had only “mild” clinical symptoms when, in reality, the infection had a 75% death rate page

Angela Rasmussen

- Curriculum Vitae pdf - PhD Thesis: Development of a mouse model of rhinovirus infection page - The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic page - Pandora Report 9-9-2002 page > A.R has received consulting fees and/or provided compensated expert testimony on SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic. - Rasmussen, enforcer of the anti-lab-leak page - Mouse Study - Rasmussen/Katze page > Katze’s research was remarkable for its scope: His team decoded the DNA of viral particles, tested experimental AIDS vaccines on monkeys, and predicted how the deadliest outbreaks spread across the globe. His work was supported by several federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, which is concerned with understanding the basics of diseases and developing treatments, as well as the Department of Defense, which is wary of bioterrorism and the national security threats posed by diseases such as Ebola. - Katze Lab -> EcoHealth @angie_rasmussen - Katze: 'He think's he's untouchable' page


The Public's business ought to be Public opinion

“This Shouldn’t Happen”

In heated NIH meeting to discuss Jesse Bloom Lab preprint on deleted #SARSCoV2 sequences, Kristian Andersen proposed to delete or revise preprint before it became public, according to Bloom's account of meeting obtained by Katherine Eban @VanityFair page

Pekar Worobey Zoonosis

We were mortified to learn that Jonathan Pekar Michael Worobey preprint papers were funded with $6.98 million award by National Institutes of Health NIAID. pg , pg Conceptualization with Kristian G. Andersen of Proximal Origins fame.

- Pekar asserts SARS-CoV-2 emergence very likely resulted from at least two zoonotic events pg - Woberly claims The Huanan market was the epicenter of SARS-CoV-2 emergence pg .

Proof in apparent coordination with 2-year-old Hunan Seafood Market sampling work by George Gao, Head of Chinese CDC pg

Jesse Bloom Lab's opinion on Goa's proof work points to human environmental surveillance after-the-fact (not animal samples during the emergence). twt

NPR took the liberty of promulgating these pre-prints as factual. 'Confirmed' by Kevin @nycbat Oval at EcoHealth Alliance twitter twt

The analysis presents "the most likely scenario" based on "trust in classical phylogenetics" twt

Wuhan Nano Vaccine

February 23, 2018, cables summary: A new nano-technology based flu vaccine the Chinese were developing at the Wuhan Institute of Virology pg

Hungarian scientists (pre-print)

Hungarian scientists find "maybe one of the earliest" SARS2 variant from a contaminated sample in Shanghai, they posit that it was likely generated from cell lines or animal models frequently used at WIV pg @jbloom_lab

Scientists complain

The lab leak theory made it harder for scientists to seek the truth page


NIH sent The Intercept 292 fully redacted pages related to virus research in Wuhan page

Three Years Before SARS2

Daily Mail reports: “Scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began” page - Does Stéphane Bancel, chief executive of Moderna, expect us to believe that his scientists turned the Covid spike protein into a vaccine without noticing that it contained the gene sequence he’d patented three years earlier? pg

C-SPAN Testimony

FAUCI: "It makes me very uncomfortable to have to say something, but he is egregiously incorrect in what he says. Thank you." PAUL: "History will figure that out on its own."

- Complete exchange between. Fsuci/Paul video - 'It's Time That You Resign!' Fauci/Paul video - Heated exchange. Fauci/Paul video

‘Origin-Tracing Terrorism’

Major Joe Murphy USMC, DARPA Fellow, stepped forward with a project rejection document that shows EcoHealth planned a 'gain-of-function aerosolization' mechanism. Apparently, Fauci's NIH agency funded what DARPA deemed too risky. - Rejection Of Defuse Project Proposal pdf - Synthetic “chimera” aerosolized for bats pg - EcoHealth Alliance wanted to block disclosure of SARS2 relevant virus data from China pg , pg


Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners did help secure millions in funding for Metabiota in Ukraine

- Prediction or dual-use? page - Metabiota struggled with biosafety, hired an enterprise sales guy as CEO 2017-2019 page

Investigative Reveals

- “Coronavirus sequence comparison” pg - NIH officials worked with EcoHealth to avoid to evade restrictions on experiments page - Letter confirms Wuhan lab’s COVID-19 leak was funded by US taxpayers page - Sen Marshall confronts Fauci about GoF video - Parsimonious Pangolins page - NIH knew 3 years earlier... page - Handwriting on the wall? page - Politicians protecting Dr Anthony Fauci video - WaPo Analysis - The repeated claim that Fauci lied to Congress about ‘gain-of-function’ research page - Poor Peter is being crucified page - $125 million to WSU and Sen Patty Murray? pg - EHA shipped Banal-52 from Laos to Wuhan pg - How Dr. Fauci withheld information on WIV pg - 9/11 Covid-19 commission Philip Zelikow pg - Judical Watch new Fauci records reveal pg - Collins/Fauci genetic manipulation emails page - Sen. Johnson requests DoD investigation pg - The Great Cover-up page - The Intercept Jan 20, 2022 page - DoD questions Major Murphy's disclosures pg - Pandemic caused by mishap in vaccine race pg - Yes or No quest's submitted to Murray/Burr pg - SARS2 Pandemic: Inspection of the data? vid - Murray/Burr Origin Task Force pg - NIH-EHA paperwork gaps & contradictions pg

Long Covid

- Long Covid due to heart brain spread page

Great Barrington Declaration

- What Happened: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya video - Great Barrington Declaration page


- Gain Of Function (Lock Them Up Remix) video - Fauci's 'Kennel of Horrors' page - Catastrophic cancer crisis page - Fauci uses “Science” as defense for his lies vid


Sen Patty Murray is Cmte Chair with oversight for Health agencies including NIH @HelpCmteDems

- Patty Murray asks 4 investigation into Covid pg - Patty Murray fails 2 investigate Covid origin pg - Patty Murray orchestrates $125M 4 WSU page


FW: Grant Questions: page Inquiry – 1-R01AI110964-01 – 2-R01AI110964-06

18 U.S.C. §2339 C et seq. – Prohibitions against the financing of terrorism page

2R01Al110964 aka R01AI110964 page pdf


Ex-USAID pandemic official sent taxpayer money to his private 'Virome Project,' watchdog says page


- USAID, Holden Thorp, WashU St Louis, UNC pg - COVID-19 pandemic and OPWASP pg - EcoHealth VP Calls NGO a ‘CIA Front Org’ pg

Pentagon Funding

Apparently, nobody at the Pentagon knows if EcoHealth granted $40 million in funding, conducted research at WIV. Answers due Jan 1, 2022 pg - DOD $6.5 million combating weapons of mass destruction 2017-2022 page

EcoHealth Tax Form 990

- 14 df - 15 ~ Zoetis paid EHA $255,000 in license income EHA-Form990-FY15 (p19/43) df - 16 df - 17 df - 18 pdf - 19 pg - 20 pg ~ EHA paid LiberiaChimpanzeeRescue BWO Jimmy Desmond $117,533 pg


EcoHealth operates in Liberia. Chimps. Ebola. Animal vax pg


In its current phase (2014–2019), PREDICT has embarked upon an even larger scope with a more intense focus on the dynamics of zoonotic viruses in wildlife, people, and livestock (primarily influenza, filovirus, paramyxovirus, and coronavirus) and the human behaviors that drive their spillover, amplification, and spread page - USAID Predict health map

EcoHealth DARPA Rejection

- Andersen ~ That's not how science works twt ' The "FCS" part of the DARPA proposal is Baric's stuff and not remarkable - it was based on his prior work. It should have been made public though ' page

Dr B. @P_J_Buckhaults· Jan 21 Replying to @K_G_Andersen ' yes, Baric has very elegant work that lays out the logic for the DARPA proposal. Someone could have been following this roadmap and an accident could have happened. its not crazy nor demeaning to the good scientists in china.'

Kristian G. Andersen @K_G_Andersen· Jan 21 ' To consider the possibility is, as you say, not crazy nor demeaning. However, it is by now - because they have denied it and provided data to show it couldn't be true (serology). Now, you can conclude they're lying, but now it's an accusation. With no evidence. '

Transgenic Mouse

A transgenic mouse strain expressing hACE2 under the K18 promoter (K18-hACE2) was shown to be highly susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection, resulting in significant viral load in the lungs, heart, brain, and spleen as well as mortality. pg - Humanized mouse violations of NIH policies pg

Ralph Baric, Zheng-Li Shi, et al

Here, we successfully developed a SARS-CoV-2 hACE2 transgenic mouse (HFH4-hACE2 in C3B6 mice) infection model pg

Mathematical Epidemiology

Data after-the-fact still drives investigations page

Containment Level 3 Access

- Accessing InterVac ~ lab security check page

Predictors of Long Covid

Presence in the bloodstream of 4: - Autoantibodies - Sars2 in bloodstream - Epstein Barr - Diabetes Study led by Dr Jason Goldman, Swedish Medical, Seattle, for Institute for Systems Biology bio pg

Hidden Discussions

Peter Daszaak Wikipedia talk page archive page

Synthetic Biology

- Hidden labs pg - Virologists push back on regulations pg

Haywire Menstrual Cycle

"Look. This isn't intended to come across as antivax in anyway. I am triple protected and would do it again. > But, it has significantly affected my menstruation. It has significantly affected a lot of women's menstruation. There has been hardly anything written about this. Katystroll - Why are women experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles after getting vaccinated? pg

No Competing Interests

(NSF) Biology Integration Institutes (BII) grant (BII 2021909). The authors report having no personal financial interests related to the study page