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For Federated Wiki to become self-sustaining over the long term we consider sources of funding servers and developers. - Grant funding - Donations - Wiki content Id We start to explore the options:

YOUTUBE WE9zoXtLBaY How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views and why...)

Some sort of digital payments seems to be missing for open-source projects. Accordingly, if we look deeper at the Linux Foundation umbrella projects such as Apache, Hyperledger, Chromium, Android, Java. We find nearly all the developers are employed or sponsored by large tech firms. The few independents are ofter contributing a bug fix to recognition with peers, develop something new and novel, apply for a job at big tech by way of coding. Very talented engineers can afford to contribute to projects for goodwill, some do, as a hobby or to keep their skills up-to-date.

We dream of some sort of Wiki Content Id, that could become available in Principles for Version Two. This could attract digital donations for great content and deposit into a well to fund specific projects such as Wiki. This, might not be a payment system. Instead, maybe a system to recognize great content, rather like the Pulitzer Prize. This could attract grant funding or donations based on specific content and recognize the authors; as we have learned from open-source social recognition is a great motivator for good works.

As Mary Spender (in the video above) explains there is quite a lot of sophisticated rights management at work behind the scenes in YouTube content payments. We dream of simply measuring good content and recognizing the authors, and make a leap of faith that good things happen to good people when appropriate infrastructure is in place.

We look forward to discussing...

Exploring payment systems

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