Webflow templates

Below are some example Webflow templates designed specifically for Webflow. There are not that many templates available - partly because it is so easy to create your own from any HtML5 standards based texplate - but you can find some on themeforest.net

Below we curate a list of templates we like from a variety of sources:

# Movement A nice framework for not-for-profits. Simple with a good range of well designed options.

# Meetup

A comprehensive corporate looking theme for events.

# Next A nicely designed responsive framework for projects. includes a contact page with maps.

# Unpack A conventional startup / splash template with many components. looks well done:

# Gridded Gridded is a beautiful blog framework with a range of masonry and gridded layouts.

# Design Sketches


Capabilities-based questions I have?

- What permissions does linux need to provide to these static website generators. - What permissions do Wiki plugins require to allow content creation and Fed wiki activities? - What permissions does Nodejs require from Linux?