Wiki Page Recycle Bin

Admiring content posted on clickable SVGs and the graph plugin we were thrilled to come across the first hyperbook written and published in FedWiki by Thompson Morrison, et. al. including Ward Cunnigham. So impressed we forked Thompson's Welcome-Visitors page and clobbered our own Welcome Visitors page. We tried every way we know to un-fork, with no luck. We waited for the weekly Wiki DevChat at Wed 10 am PST (link on Ward's twitter 15 mins before the meeting) to ask for help. Ward kindly showed the Recycled Pages via the hamburger menu next to the search box on wiki site owned lower menu bar. We recommend looking over the 6 or 7 Selected Plugin Pages for useful stuff.

To fork back the page in the recycle bin.

Select and load the Welcome-Vistors page in the recycler. Go the CC BY-SA 4.0 JSON... check the best page to restore. Then fork it. This will put back the page without going to backup (tape).