Wiki Lego

YOUTUBE pyLEJhqJ89Y Published on May 2, 2017

Ward gave a TED talk in Oregon about how he invented wiki. He reached the end of web, instead of stopping, decided to add a button to keep going. Hence wiki was born and later forked creating Wikipedia.

Leaving Tumblr to explore Agroic Systems, Ward's latest Wiki supports federation and forking found in both Tumblr and Github. Both reward content creators with social currency, but w/o any tokens to reward or incentivize effort. Ad-tech exploits this system concentrating and harvesting all the rewards.

Thinking of Wiki differently as Wiki Lego when the blocks have value because they are shared or forked assigning a token of value to user instead of a Like to Facebook we can foster token rewards to incentivize activities. Tokens may be where Brendan Eich is headed with Brave. Wiki Lego maybe the missing brick. We should keep going.