Wiki HoA Notes June 6

Organized complexity accumulates piecemeal in an iterative cycle.


Robert SterbalHi all 18:05 Youhi robert 18:05 You 18:06 Robert SterbalBayer had their U.S. headquarters here for decades 18:14 Unknown senderprob is the ownership model 18:15 Robert SterbalIt is a acquisition that should be reviewed 18:16 Unknown sender ownership can be defined as 'non-transferable right of participation' 18:16 Stephan KreutzerI'm not sure if they can buy "ownership" of "IP", but they might gain the option to look at business secrets internally with people noticing. 18:16 Stephan KreutzerThe contracts might retain the rights for the repo owners, except GitHub got a separate special license via their TOS for the hosting and 3rd party. 18:17 Unknown senderjive? 18:18 Robert SterbalAt least there won't be clauses you can't create competing products 18:18 Stephan KreutzerWhat I wanted to say: busy with wrapping things up, and switching to GitLab ;-) 18:27 Robert SterbalThat business has some challenges 18:48 Robert SterbalThe one I work with has registration issues 18:49 Robert Sterbalthe main players have age and reputation issues 18:49 Robert SterbalOne guy is 16 18:49 Robert Sterbalthe other guy is being harassed 18:49 Robert SterbalIt resolves to: 18:51 Robert SterbalCan I move my 100,000 photos to fed wiki? 18:52 Robert Sterbal:) 18:52 Robert SterbalIt would be interesting to see if youtube would do an ok job of transcription 18:57 Robert Sterbalyes 18:57 Robert SterbalI use an app called Braintoss 18:58 Robert SterbalIt captures links, audio and text 18:58 Robert Sterbalsomewhat buggy on iOS 18:58 Robert Sterbaluses an app and a link grabber 18:59 Robert SterbalOnetab is a neat extension for converting all your tabs to links 18:59 Robert SterbalYep, does that pretty well 19:00 Stephan KreutzerMight be the mentioned brain application (sometimes text in the bottom half): 19:08 Robert SterbalThanks! 19:10 Stephan KreutzerTed Nelsons recent "Xanadu Basics":