Wiki HoA Notes June 27

@WardCunningham This week Federated Wiki celebrates its seventh birthday. Video chat about wiki's past and future starts in 15 minutes. …


- Ward celebrated by demoing activity in the Federation over the last week is Paul's work on the Dat system. - Stephan visited from Europe and gave his impressions coming from a Hypertext background.

- Ward added that David Bovil is most likely to cook up new ways of working with FedWiki.

- Clive spoke about 7 years on Tumblr and 18 months on Wiki. Mainly reprising events (and adding HoA notes). - Clive notice many software people have visited Wiki to learn how to author Mindmaps Tony Buzan's work for radiant thinking.

- Noticing patterns in Mindmaps are to similar to developing for Google Assistant, Alexa (Amazon Echo). - Perhaps FedWiki will gain a voice interface in the next 7 years.

## WikiAssistant?

RAW (after 10:30 late arrival)

Eric DobbsStephan, I share your interest in taking care with dependencies. I've been doing as much as I can inside containers. 10:32 AMEric DobbsHere's how I run wiki locally on my laptop(s): 10:33 AMEric DobbsAnd although not well documented, I use similar tools for my public wiki: 10:33 AMStephan KreutzerOh, thank you very much, I'll look into it! 10:33 AMYou 10:37 AMPaul Rodwellaudio is very broken up... 10:48 AMRyan BennettOperating on the presumption that I'm cursing the network, I'm going to run y'all, cheers! 10:49 AMEric DobbsHope to see you again soon. 10:49 AMWard CunninghamThanks for visiting. 10:49 AM