Wiki HoA Notes June 20

Ward: Federated wiki embracing DAT format. We'll video chat about this starting in 15 minutes. …


About DAT wilkipedia

Paul provided an update on progress with Dat version of Fed Wiki (add page link).

Kicking off a general DAT topical discussion with talking about user experience in social network where users come to you rather than you broadcast. This design difference has the effect of increasing the quality of articles to Oxford quality.

Clive spoke about Hyperledger Sawtooth an extremely modular blockchain framework for business, how Intel and Cargill are sponsoring. Sawtooth


Stephan KreutzerHi! No mic yet :-( 10:14 AMRobert SterbalIs Federated wiki ready for non programmer use? Are there some good examples? 10:17 AMRobert SterbalIs it easy to clone a wiki locally on a periodic basis? (daily) 10:19 AMRobert SterbalI think wikis are great for podcasts. 10:19 AMRobert Sterbalthey are also great for links pages for a facebook group. 10:20 AMRobert Sterbalan export to static HTML might be nice 10:21 AMRobert SterbalNicer admins :) 10:25 AMRobert Sterbaldidn't take long 10:25 AMRobert SterbalThe clone a wiki is important to me 10:26 AMduke crawfordken thompson? 10:26 AMRobert SterbalAlso you licensing is more thought out than the wikifarm I use. 10:27 AMRobert Sterbalyou=your 10:27 AMRobert SterbalI file photos by decade - year - month - day 10:29 AMRobert Sterbal201x/2014/2014-03/2014-03-14-Friday/ 10:30 AMRobert SterbalThat is an example of the directory 10:31 AMRobert Sterbal201x is the decade 10:31 AMRobert SterbalI have over 100,000 photos 10:32 AMRobert SterbalI used to keep all the days in a year. 10:32 AMRobert Sterbalin a single folder, but mobile made that untenable 10:33 AMRobert SterbalI'll be generating photomosaics from the database of pictures. 10:33 AMduke crawford#hash shau9fewifdoisuf98357ufur9sr8256 > @time 18062018113259 > renamable on any path 10:33 AMRobert Sterbalvery cool! 10:34 AMRobert Sterbala gaggle of geese! 10:34 AMduke crawford@clive RE: cargil intel partner blockchain tbb processor environment for secure node.. project NAME = ? 10:38 AMEric DobbsClive, did you say sawtooth? 10:39 AMPaul Rodwellsawtooth 10:39 AMStephan KreutzerCentralization leads to victims. Not the majority, but one might want to avoid becoming one. 10:39 AMPaul Rodwell 10:39 AMduke crawfordthx 10:39 AM

Robert SterbalThat was a fun supreme court case 10:41 AMEric Dobbs 10:41 AMRobert Sterbal 10:41 AMduke crawford 10:42 AMRobert SterbalI like this intro to block chain: 10:42 AMStephan KreutzerWith the Internet, there is no need for more than one "newspaper", but it's important what kind of 10:43 AMYou 10:43 AMRobert SterbalThere are many many news outlets needed. Here is my micro poll: 10:44 AMduke crawforderic u wanna have lunch? 10:45 AMStephan KreutzerBut all outlets theoretically could deliver the same news, which is the total of all news of the world, and the outlet is more curation/branding/etc 10:46 AMRobert SterbalWhy wouldn't you have them compete with one another? 10:46 AMStephan KreutzerI mean, the traditional function of a newspaper was to deliver the news. Today, if journalists put their pieces on the net, there are no boundaries where it couldn't theoretically go, and who couldn't theoretically get it 10:48 AMStephan KreutzerSo on what level are they competing? Not on news delivery I guess 10:48 AMRobert SterbalTypically on gathering and branding. 10:48 AMduke crawford 10:48 AMStephan KreutzerExactly. And there's a lot to do in that space. Newspapers tend to still be in the business of selling copies, or selling access to content via artificial restriction/scarcity. Not a digital-compatible business model and hard to maintain 10:49 AMStephan Kreutzernowadays 10:49 AMRobert SterbalNewspapers have sold audiences since the 1800s 10:50 AMStephan KreutzerOh, yes, +1. That's true. But the audiences look now at screens, not onto printed paper, and the screens are controlled by global, big, lock-in companies, not your local kiosk, that's another problem of theirs I guess. 10:51 AMRobert SterbalIt was fun to watch the row over this: 10:53 AMRobert SterbalSeattle is also having fun with google at the moment 10:53 AM duke crawfordward didn't u do the 404 in hypercard first? 10:58 AMStephan KreutzerToday, we have image maps and HTML5 canvas, building an editor shouldn't be too hard, networking/federating maybe a little more, but the key thing would be easy entry, for people to just stumble into HyperCard 2.0 and then creating things 11:00 AM duke crawfordhypercard in GIF, active project 11:00 AMRobert SterbalThanks Ward! 11:01 AMStephan KreutzerThat's fine, can't always talk, I'm in the office ;-) 11:01 AMYouhere some notes 11:01 AMRobert SterbalDoes anyone have a wiki they want me to look at?

Robert SterbalDAT? 11:02 AMduke crawfordrobert ya check mashup old wiki + sortable image search 11:03 AMduke crawfordnew version tries dat, maybe ready next week 11:03 AMRobert SterbalThanks duke 11:04 AMRobert SterbalIPFS - ? 11:05 AMYouYes IPFS 11:06 AMRobert Sterbalthanks 11:06 AMduke crawforddat v ipfs 11:07 AMRobert SterbalDAT - Eric Dobbs 11:09 AM