Wiki HoA Notes June 13

Are backups important in an enviornment where the best work is freely copied? Wiki server operators should keep sites up for a while, but maybe not forever.



Youdat://5651673d4be2ab0ddcc627c63e1109ef96f269baf3f453ab42b38d211ef29dc4/ or if you want something you can type dat:// 18:06 duke crawford may be using beakerbrowers/dat 18:08 duke crawford 18:15 Stephan KreutzerDon't be surprised on the day people start to add features XML has to JSON and YAML. 18:15 duke crawford 18:16 duke crawfordTCR: Adchain and Civil are two Consensys faaves 18:18 duke crawford 18:23 You and 18:24 Stephan KreutzerI played wiki, the starter pages ;-) 18:25 duke crawfordholochain was asking about david 18:26 duke crawfordthe liquid wiki 18:26 duke crawford 18:29 duke crawford 18:34 duke crawford reddit got popular 18:36 Eric Dobbsduke, can you mure? We're hearing a lot of wind in your mic 18:52 Eric DobbsThanks. 18:52


Interesting to catch up and learn Reddit is number 3 web site ahead of Facebook (Big Blue).