Wiki HoA Notes July 11

Federated wiki has "algorithms" too. How we sort Recent Changes is one and we've tweaked it recently. We'll video chat about this and other news starting in 15 minutes. …


Ward demoed wiki page versions and more infused conversations than git merges. Discussed git and wiki and branching (PRs were in the earlier Ruby version).


Youwiki page versions more infused conversations than merges? 10:22 AMYouRealizing Git is a bit of a 'git' on branching 10:24 AMYouWiki makes branching easier I think. 10:24 AMYouTaking notes. 10:27 AMStephan KreutzerEnrique, on mute? 10:28 AMduke 10:29 AMduke crawford shortcut to this hangout 10:29 AMYouIm also leaving for England v Croatia 11:00am pacific. 9pm Russia 10:30 AMYouyes! 10:31 AMduke crawford404 < hypercard 10:34 AMYouOn keeping conv going and and a few more steps? 10:36 AMduke crawfordany messages for Art Brock / holochain? he's hosting denver hackathon this weekend, david did in february 10:37 AMStephan KreutzerDidn't want to keep you guys from the football ;-) 10:38 AMPaul Rodwellit was in the changes plugin, but only in the ruby server code 10:41 AMStephan KreutzerI'm pretty interested in that, not so much to reach consensus, but to get corrections and improvements, that I can merge them on my wiki instance. 10:41 AMStephan KreutzerAnother option would be that I would have to fork modifications on other sites back to mine. 10:41 AMStephan KreutzerWhatever, maybe it should be actively discouraged for design reasons, but I guess the whole thing needs some thinking. 10:42 AMPaul RodwellI briefly look at 'wikimention' - 10:42 AMStephan KreutzerMaybe I learn about "pull requests" from the neighborhood. 10:43 AMStephan KreutzerBasically that I don't get spammed, except for the people near me in the federation. 10:43 AMStephan KreutzerOr I pull changes that somebody else merged from other pull requests on his fork, to make that very cheap and easy to federate them, to allow split-second accept/decline to paragraph/character changes. 10:45 AMStephan KreutzerGit merging, I think all of that is pretty bad, because the diffs are heuristic instead of looking at the editing history. I want to do the latter. 10:47 AMStephan KreutzerBoth parties are not forced to merge, so one can cherry-pick or leave both variants different. 10:49 AMStephan KreutzerExcept one is angry because changes on the fork didn't get merged/pulled back to the "origin" ;-) 10:50 AMYouKick off. 5 minute warning 10:55 AMYou