Wiki HoA Notes August 15


@WardCunningham Federated wiki dev/user video chat starts in 15 min. … page

# Discussion

Remember the first program you wrote...

I joined 10 mints late. Ward clued me in and after some head scratching. I recalled my first program was Z80 assembly code to monitor input and output from an analog to digital computer I built as an undergrad to simulate switchable values. More recently 2008. I had fun with Karel the robot at Stanford U.

Ward's demo. History of files across computers

Ward discussed FedWiki for robots project in Oregon schools. Capturing 10 years of content. Noodled on the idea of adding Karel the Robot to wiki.

"Perhaps Eric, who has mastery in wiki canvas apps can figure out a Karel plug-in (just kidding).

# Raw

Nima JoharizadehWhat was the robot book title again? 10:20 AMWard CunninghamKarl the robot 10:20 AMWard Cunningham 10:21 AMWard Cunningham 10:22 AMEric DobbsMaybe this one: 10:30 AMNima JoharizadehYes Eric. That's the paper. 10:32 AMPerry WagleI've intended to read this "real soon now" "On Double-Entry Bookkeeping: The Mathematical Treatment" 10:32 AMYou 10:41 AMYoubrb more coffee 10:44 AMRobert SterbalHi 10:46 AMPaul Rodwellhi robert 10:46 AMRobert Sterbalanything logged in chat yet? 10:47 AMPerry Wagleclive boulton 10:47 AMRobert Sterbalthanks 10:47 AMPerry Waglepaste glommed it together, sorry 10:47 AMPerry Wagle! 10:48 AMPerry Waglecompare and constrast with "the old way"? 10:49 AMRobert 10:51 AMRobert Sterbalyou can also use archievor to grab the web page 10:51 AMRobert Sterbalcurl works well for saving wiki pages 10:53 AMPerry Waglemoocs like deprecating the material for completed courses, which can be bad 10:54 AMPerry Waglehad to diff a video though 10:54 AMPerry Waglehard 10:54 AMPerry Wagleinquiring minds need to know the 36K 10:56 AMPerry Wagleneat! 10:57 AMPerry Waglewas thinking of git-ifying things and making the old versions more easily accessible 10:58 AMPerry Waglethis was a good example of how to do that 10:58 AMPerry Waglereprieve! 10:59 AMPaul RodwellBrian Warners SES talk at Decentralized Web Summit - 11:01 AMPaul Rodwellseparate video is not up yet - but it is in the Log Lounge Day 2 set of videos, at 11:03 AMPaul Rodwellslides are at 11:04 AMNima JoharizadehWard's demo reminded me of a software I prototyped a couple of years ago. I'm pasting a demo screenshot here: 11:04 AMYou432. Siemens and Bine (old timers at Intel). 11:08 AMWard Cunningham 11:09 AMPerry Waglewhere do i go for details on Mark Millers stuff? 11:11 AMWard CunninghamI get all my Mark Miller info from clive: 11:12 AMWard Cunningham 11:12 AMYouI plan to break Mark Miller's work out on my wiki (pending by 8/24) Perry Waglejust try to preserve 100 year old paper photos 11:16 AMPerry Wagleooo 11:17 AMPerry Waglewas worried about acid 11:17 AMPerry Waglebut I had the idea to copy to computer media that turns out to have less longevity 11:18 AMPerry Waglecya! 11:18 AMPerry Waglego eric! 11:19 AMPerry Wagleyay paul! 11:19 AM