Wiki HoA Notes 8/8

Ward Cunningham: New address for video chat: page



Perry dropped by looking for a notion to use wiki for tagging bookmarks. Easily.

Perry's tag plugin demo

David B. uses a 'OneTab' site to save browser tabs, then scrapes the, into wiki. one-tab . More pressing as Firefox will deprecate a current tool.

Paul discussed Dat stack project and protocol labs (IPFS) p2p. Ward discussed Beaker browser and resilient home networks (that loose internet connections).

Ward stats. 1500 wiki sites. About 1000 active. (implies 500 dormant dead). About 12 new articles per day.

Dat shows Fed wiki is zeitgeist. Aiming for super simple.

Perrys uses a wiki now with Haskel and automates capture with Firefox plugin. Desire to automate further, but suffering bit rot.

"Challenge of co-operation is to align yourself with others. Or with your future self - Ward

We bookended discussing recruiters key words and knowledge. New devs have specific keyword knowledge and Google for the the knowledge. Experienced staff engineers have deeper knowledge unvalued by recruiters, only valued by people you know or meet who understand how valuable broad know-how and engineering experience is. (this is decoder ring to get hired).


YouI haz similar setup links to fedwiki 10:11 AMPaul RodwellOneTab 10:17 AMRobert Sterbalhi everyone 10:20 AMRobert SterbalOk, I have 14,000+ photos on my phone since November 10:22 AMRobert SterbalUploading them to a wiki makes far less sense than just using links 10:23 AMYouTaking notes 10:24 AMRobert SterbalThanks Clive! 10:24 AMRobert SterbalThis is the link for the onetab list: chrome-extension://chphlpgkkbolifaimnlloiipkdnihall/onetab.html 10:25 AMRobert SterbalI just want a one click button to save the page to the list. 10:26 AMPerry Wagleah, now i can see messages 10:26 AMRobert Sterbal(the current page) 10:26 AMPerry Wagleneed automation to move bookmarks to wiki 10:27 AMRobert SterbalThat would be awesome! 10:27 AMRobert Sterbalhave you played with the nirsoft apps? 10:28 AMPerry Waglejust heard of them 8) 10:28 AMRobert SterbalThis is the link to the tool 10:29 AMRobert Sterbal 10:29 AMNima Johari 10:29 AMPerry Waglethanks! 10:30 AMPerry Waglewill look after this 10:30 AMNima JohariI missed to paste the title: "Brewster tells Tim and Ted what's inside D.Web" 10:30 AMNima JohariThat's "Tim Berners-Lee" and "Ted Nelson" 10:31 AMRobert Sterbalstack exchange is another data sink 10:31 AMRobert SterbalI think Facebook figured out that problem 10:34 AMRobert SterbalI was on a Satelite last year with much less issue than I thought I'd have 10:34 AMYouJuan Benet is working on resilient protocol 10:36 AMYouIPLD content addressable (researching p2p) 10:38 AMYouLooking at IPFS last night 10:43 AMRobert SterbalI really am stumped by linking images 11:03 AMYouGotta drop off soon. 11:03 AMRobert SterbalChromium is still there thankfully 11:06 AMPaul RodwellClive - did you look at 11:06 AMYouThanks Paul. Mark had said SES needed a rewrite to deal with Meltdown/Spectre (I sorta gathered more trap doors have been discovered - not 100% sure) 11:09 AMRobert SterbalHave you tried categories in mediawiki? 11:17 AMYouUpdated notes with Perry's demo screen shot and narrative 11:17 AMRobert SterbalI like the wiki text to just point back to other linked pages 11:17 AMRobert SterbalYou can do the intersection query with sql query 11:18 AMYou"Challenge of co-operation is to align yourself with others. Or with your future self - Ward 11:20 AMRobert SterbalI tweeted you Perry 11:32 AMRobert SterbalI'm a data guy, not a programmer with the same issues you have 11:32 AMWard Cunningham 11:33 AMYou