Wiki HoA Notes 8/1

Smart cities and urban habitat see wisdom of federated pattern languages. We'll discuss this and other topics in our weekly video chat starting in 15 minutes. …


# Discussion

David is at the Distributed Web Summit 2018

See Paul's github for repo on Federated Wiki and Dat project (wiki-client-dat-variant). paul90

Eric Drechsel (@edrex ) is taking notes page

Ward spoke about applying for grants with Mike McCaffrey, to sponsor some grad students. For projects on federated pattern languages for urban habits.

# Raw

YouTaking notes (in a noisy coffee shop) 10:19 AMYouLow bandwidth here. Will need to drop off (or get dropped). 10:41 AMYouWill add a post on Macaroons (soon). Is how Google is handing Auth with capabilities (instead of usr and pwds)