Wiki HoA Notes 7/25

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# Discuss 128 terabyte SD card.... 1gb per second transfer

See Paul's github page for Dat project. Plugins with any server component need updating. Presentation Plugins will work fine as is with Dat.

Gavin helped us link CCNx content centric networking with content centric addressing (Camlistore, Federated Wiki, Dat, Perkeep, IPFS).

# Raw duke crawfordwim hoff 10:12 AMduke 10:13 AMYou 10:15 AMYouStep 1 - Claim a new wiki site '<my name>' 10:23 AMYouStep 2 - View Field Guide to the Federation 10:23 AMYouStep 3 - Find your way around, see whats what 10:24 AMYouQ, How to link a new wiki server to the federation? 10:27 AMYouA. Someone has to fork a page on you new server to link to the federation to make your new server searchable (in the federation) 10:29 AMduke crawfordrobert see you there DAT @ 10:31 AMduke crawfordRobert we have a DAT wiki for pix/vids at .. project status is fubar out of control but may be of interest to you 10:35 AMRobert SmithDuke thanks for the link! I will be sure to check it out 10:38 AMduke crawfordemail if u like, cya in sf! 10:38 AMduke crawfordis too much memory possible? human brains optimize for meaning by forgetting dross 10:52 AMYouBig Co's that shut down sites is a motivation behind Perkeep 10:52 AMPaul Rodwell 10:58 AMNima JoharizadehPerkeep was new to me. It's interesting that Brad is involved in it. I once tried to upspin as a storage for my own wiki system (I dropped it though..) 10:59 AMYou 11:01 AMYou 11:09 AMYourecycled-pages / empty the recycler 11:17 AMduke crawfordthanks all gotta go.. cyaz at :) 11:36 AMRobert Smiththanks again! Looking forward to meeting Clive any maybe others at the Decentralized Web conference! 11:43 AMYouTy 11:43 AMYouContent addressable expert Van Jacobson was hired by Google to work on CCNx routers (speculation) 11:53 AMYou 12:03 PMYou 12:14 PM