Wiki HoA Notes 7/18

@WardCunningham 53m53 minutes ago More Wiki exhibits new sync bug due to feature interactions, first such bug in years. We'll video chat about this and other news in 15 minutes. …


# Discussions

On handing edits in the recycler

- Merging two wiki pages (use journal) - Parallels with Git - GUI versioning

Paul updated on dat_project. See dat project site and original white paper.

Update on by David; pragmatic blockchain economic spaces with wiki editing (I think). - Blockchain for science and multiple authoring - and assign contribution and rewards (spectrum of collaboration from informal to competitive). - Incremental editing for scientific (wiki doesn't do quite enough)

Ward discussed Agile in schools. New Relic helping kids grok editing collaboratively. [Tom has done lots of editing in Wiki (gottta invite Tom into HoA call sometime)].

David covering concept of team PhD, evidenced by collaborative research on Wikl.

Ward just dropped a link... Tom/Ward Pod Ward Cunningham

Eric commented on getting the attribution machinery right. Ward is teaching Agile in schools like Agile is used on software industry.

David commented on Orcid + Vivo (Tim Berners Lee). Leveraging the ontology. page

David working on Welcome Foundation grant application.

# Raw

Paul Rodwell 1:15 PMYouQuestions on dat project like IPFS 1:17 PMPaul Rodwell 1:25 PMduke crawfordhave gr8 week all!! salutti tutti frutti :) parting shot: data is the new oil, just as toxic and sludgey haha.. = 1:42 PMduke crawfordbye :) 1:42 PMYouLondon Callling (the Clash) 1:43 PMYouTaking notes 1:49 PMWard Cunningham 1:53 PMPaul Rodwellinteresting dat based platform for scientific literature - 1:58 PMYou 2:13 PMWard Cunningham 2:13 PMEric DobbsIs this the project? 2:19 PMEric Dobbs 2:19 PM

Eric Dobbslooks like it: 2:20 PM

Eric Dobbs 2:19 PMEric Dobbslooks like it: 2:20 PMEric DobbsFor our hangout notes... Dil mentioned SOLE while Ward and David were comparing notes about educational applications of wiki 2:21 PMYouHad some beachballing from HO 2:26 PMYouHoA latency 2:26 PM