Wiki HoA Notes 5/9

Ward was away, we met and discussed software development culture related to Wiki.

Today's Roster

Amazon has an ambitious culture that encourages accomplishments and pushing complexity away to the edge.

Complexity pushed to the edge can requires an emphatic team culture unvalued at Amazon. This results in tremendous waste of human capital. As evidenced by Amazon's average tenure of 2 years before new developers exit.

Eric brought we Docker's ability to simplify. Paul spoke on NPM. Robert on Git. Duke NDN. These tools allow us to manage complexity by separating the ideas from the implementation.

Clive spoke about Ward's ability to separate complex ideas from implementation and the Agile manifesto. After watching GOTO conference by Uncle Bob Martin on the future of Programming and Dave Thomas on Agile is Dead (videos embedded below).

We spoke about Mark S Miller's leaving Google and using AI to monitor composed services inflight. New Relic performs a Google Analytics like service.

Duke and Paul discussed social engineering vs cracker hacks.

Clive spoke about Google's culture of atomizing PII data ahead, so that even if key encryption is broken, PII data does not reveal personal data.


Robert Sterbalgood here 10:10 AMRobert SterbalGit! 10:20 AMRobert SterbalDid you ever hear Torvald's on git? 10:21 AMEric DobbsI haven't heard that talk. Definitely will. 10:29 AMEric Dobbsgit is definitely a pile of powertools 10:29 AMduke crawford 10:32 AMEric Dobbs 10:35 AMduke crawfordIP+ +ndn +rina 10:38 AMduke crawforderic u wanna have lunch r u in boulder? 10:48 AMRobert SterbalDo you follow the twitter account of the chief data nerd? 10:48 AMPaul Rodwell 10:48 AMEric DobbsYes let's do have lunch. 10:49 AMRobert SterbalWhat do you all think of honeypots? 10:57 AMduke crawfordeveryone's saying cracking code isn't prob it's socialengineering another scary feature of ai deepfake 10:58 AMRobert SterbalI just want more logging and notifications 10:58 AMRobert SterbalI should get a count of login attempts 10:58 AMRobert SterbalI should also get details about the last 100-1000 logins 10:59 AMRobert SterbalSomeone should make this easier for people to implement 10:59 AMduke crawford 11:00 AMduke crawfordit's cheap 200gb $60 11:00 AMduke crawfordif 5yr 20% cagr then 1tb own memory under $100 11:01 AMduke crawfordif you own own memory then u can choose IF to copy and only WHERE 11:03 AMRobert Sterbalresponsible? 11:07 AMRobert SterbalMy name is pretty much enough to identify me 11:09 AMduke crawford surrender all your electrons 11:10 AMRobert SterbalClearly the NSA is spending 50 billion dollars a year on something 11:12 AMPaul Rodwell 11:13 AM

duke crawford;9.4 tim oreilly: And if you wanted to have a technology that you couldn't turn off, you'd build it on top of a blockchainlike infrastructure. 11:15 AMRobert SterbalThere are bunch of logs that might have been created

YOUTUBE ecIWPzGEbFc Uncle Bob Martin on the future of Programming

YOUTUBE a-BOSpxYJ9M Dave Thomas on Agile is Dead.