Wiki HOA Notes 5/2

We consider inventory controls for wiki farm operators. Video chat starts in 15 minutes. …

DISTILLED David raised the issues of Federated Wiki having too many links from a users point of view. Too many links is also the cause of complexity in distributed systems giving rise to consensus, which gave rise to Paxos and now blockchain technologies. David has fostered Wiki + Holochain. To decentralize consensus on distributed system and reach consensus with a stranger in business we have arrived at smart contracts as the computing vehicle to implement granular agreements.

Miller's work with Dr.SES it turns out enables distributed smart contacts in JavaScript. Made ephemeral by ephemeron tables, although result can be forwarded onto a blockchain and made immutable, as can the smart contracts themselves. Though in a Wiki interface used to reach social consensus we do not need to persist immutability we can simply enjoy the moment. In lieu of synchronous communications in Wiki or even a temporary index we could test private smart contracts in Wiki or Holochain? [Ward... David...]

RAW Robert SterbalHi everyone 10:04 AMRobert SterbalThere is this: 10:09 AMRobert SterbalHmmm. Geography is an order of magnitude or larger more complex. 10:30 AMPaul Rodwell 10:34 AMRobert SterbalIt really just means everyone has an NDA 10:39 AMduke crawfordholochain? 10:49 AMduke crawfordgovernance could start w/ #ownmemory ? 10:56 AMDavid BovillYes - holochain just succesfully copleted their ico 10:57 AMRobert SterbalYou need to get on the school board to have an effect on that 11:03 AMWard CunninghamMy wife was on the school board for 12 years and built several new schools. 11:03 AMRobert SterbalThe constitution is NOT sacred 11:08 AMduke crawfordYuval Harari;5.4 This will be decided by the people who own the data. 11:08 AMRobert SterbalIt sounds like you want programmers to do all the work 11:12 AMRobert SterbalOr an updated bill a few months later 11:13 AMDavid Bovill 11:19 AMDavid Bovill 11:19 AMRobert SterbalWW2 and nuclear weapons 11:21 AMDavid BovillI'm looking at law as an agile social process that you can use to give governance over algorithms - I call this common law algorithm design 11:23 AMWard CunninghamArms dealers reminds me of the Shaw play I saw last week: 11:28 AMWard Cunningham 11:28 AMRobert SterbalIf anyone ever wants to test a speech to text algorithm use the librivox recordings as a source. 11:30 AMduke crawford 11:33 AM duke crawford yuval: who owns memory?