Wiki HoA Notes 5/16

How can collaboration in wiki contribute patterns for the built world? We will video chat about this in 15 minutes. …



Unknown Sender 10:06 AMUnknown Senderits a messy link, sorry 10:07 AMUnknown Senderyou have a good popup killer :) 10:09 AMRobert Sterbalooops. I clicked on the one tab link that I shouldn't have 10:10 AMRobert Sterbalanti spam? 10:21 AMRobert Sterbalphoto tagging 10:21 AMRobert Sterbaltranscription 10:21 AMRobert Sterbalfacial recognition 10:21 AMRobert SterbalAmazon Photos does a great job with it 10:22 AMRobert SterbalI want to be able to export the data 10:23 AMRobert SterbalI didn't know I could trust it. 10:23 AMRobert SterbalYou can make a spammy link :( 10:24 AMRobert Sterbalyou have to. Just make good backups and know how to restore 10:24 AMRobert Sterbalmake a blockchain to pay people when something untrusted happens 10:25 AMPaul Rodwellface recognition 'steggeringly inaccurate' 10:25 AMRobert Sterballicense plate recognition is fairly interesting in the U.S. 10:26 AMRobert Sterbalstingray is also another amazing tracking device 10:27 AMRobert SterbalI do click on them with my iPhone 10:28 AMRobert SterbalYou NEED to do backups and restores! 10:30 AMRobert SterbalThe only shell script I ever wrote was to backup my wiki 10:39 AMStephan KreutzerMe? I'll try to connect/enable mic... 10:42 AMRobert SterbalMy job is in Cranberry, PA and I live in Bethel Park, PA 10:42 AMRobert SterbalJohn is back 10:43 AMJohn Bywatersorry i hung up instead of unmuting, who was speaking to me? who am i connected to on Facebook? :) 10:45 AMRobert SterbalYou may just want to speak up when there is a pause. 10:50 AMJohn Bywater:) 10:51 AMRobert Sterbal(the chat is monitored periodically :) ) 10:51 AMPaul Rodwellprobably an initial link 10:53 AMRobert SterbalBlockchain desperately needs an insurance mechanism 10:58 AMStephan KreutzerFrode Hegland has some screen recordings of his applications: 10:58 AMRobert Sterbalwhere does he put them?

10:59 AMStephan KreutzerI'll can send them to Ward via e-mail to forward it later, publish it independently, or next week or something else. 11:00 AMPaul Rodwell 11:01 AMStephan KreutzerGyuri Lajos with things like on the client. 11:02 AMRobert SterbalGo eat Ward! 11:04 AMStephan KreutzerLorand Kedves works on a programming model:

Robert SterbalThanks Clive 11:05 AMStephan KreutzerMarc-Antoine Parent has a server for federating concepts/knowledge from previously conversational data/e-mail: