Wiki HOA Notes 4/18

We consider polyglot extension of wiki's computational federation balancing the needs of readers, authors and programmers. Video call starts in 15 minutes. …


Oracle has polymorphic JIT compiler Ruby /Javascript or Javascript/Ruby. Hit 1.0 [video]

David spoke about polyglot and wiki. Capturing the expertise of different programming domains to talk to each other in Federated environment.


Robert Sterbalgood morning 10:13 AMRobert Sterbalmore than 20 million 10:24 AMRobert Sterbalheh 10:24 AMPaul Rodwell 10:24 AMRobert Sterbal 10:24 AMRobert SterbalOracle Linux is comical 10:32 AMRobert Sterbalserver farms 10:37 AMEric Dobbsthe stuff I've been doing follow the pattern I've shown with apparatus and the ruby-based image transporter. 10:45 AMDavid Bovill 11:00 AMRobert Sterbal sourceforge? 11:12 AMRobert Sterbal 11:12 AMPaul Rodwell 11:12 AM