Wiki HOA Notes 4/11

Federated wiki dev/user video conference starts in 15 minutes. …


- David demod HCI wiki issues. - Eric spoke on browser to browser integration.


David Bovill 10:05 AMDavid Bovill 10:08 AMYouGood HCI demos by David 10:49 AMRobert Sterbalbitnami is a nice site for the serverless: 10:57 AMRobert SterbalGithub does let you clone things locally. 11:01 AMDavid Bovill 11:04 AMRobert SterbalThanks David 11:05 AMRobert SterbalBitnami really does make it easy to add servers 11:06 AMRobert SterbalThey work in the cloud and locally. 11:06 AMRobert SterbalNo mic 11:09 AMRobert Sterbalthanks! 11:09 AMYou 11:10 AMYou 11:12 AMRobert SterbalI've been trying to get svg to show up inline on wikitext for a couple of years 11:16 AMYouNorm Hardy 11:18 AMYou 11:19 AMRobert Sterbal 11:21 AMRobert Sterbal(pictures of the origami Menger sponge) 11:21 AMduke crawford 11:23 AMRobert Sterbalthe command line is also relevant 11:25 AMRobert SterbalThanks Ward! 11:25 AMPaul Rodwell and