Wiki HOA Notes 3/28

Ward was away. Paul a guest from NY presented a demo of WebJets. A creative drag drop composition explorer with a Mind Map based GUI rather than Miller Columns. demo

Attendees. 2 Paul's.

Paul asked a number of questions. - Does interfacing with the Federated make sense - Does the client side GUI make sense - Using the plugin architecture. - Ideas for collaboration - Ideas for closed source / open source


Hundreds of cards Performance (considering React rather than Angular) Provenance Explore and cherry pick paragraphs of Wiki as cards. Renaming or naming new mind maps.


David BovillCould we stop screen sharing 10:23 AMRobert SterbalHas everyone been looked at bitnami's stacks? 10:45 AMYouFederated Wiki added to Bitnami catalog? 10:48 AMRobert SterbalThat would be nice 10:48 AMRobert SterbalThis is their blurb: Bitnami is actively engaging with partners across the cloud, containers and Kubernetes ecosystems to benefit our community of users and customers. If your business is involved in accelerating cloud adoption, developing or using application packaging technologies, or creating new distribution opportunities, we want to hear from you. 10:50 AMYouI like polished packaging for users. 10:51 AMRobert SterbalIt actually got me to move to mediawiki from dokuwiki 10:51 AMDavid 10:53 AMRobert Sterbalwhat was the url for the second site? 10:55 AMDavid Bovillmilicons? milicoms? 10:55 AMDavid Bovillmilicolumn 10:56 AMPaul Rodwellmiller column 10:56 AMEric Dobbs 10:56 AMPaul Rodwell 10:56 AMRobert SterbalThank you 10:57 AMRobert SterbalThanks Eric! 11:07 AMDavid BovillRobert Sterbal - can you give us a contact. I'm and @fortyfoxes 11:09 AMRobert on twitter as rsterbal and sterbalrobert 11:12 AM Paul Savich 11:27 AMYou 11:28 AMDavid Bovill You 11:44 AM 11:48 AMYou