Wiki HOA Notes 3/21

We will ask how federation does or doesn't protect us from abuse. Video chat starts in 10 minutes. HOA

Attendees (2 Erics)

# Distilled Ward walked Duke through setting up a new Federated Wiki. This demo combined with Facebook's Cambridge Analytica 3rd party app embrollo spurred Q&A after he left for dinner in Paris.

Q - Journal on my wiki is getting long and starting to bounce the UI. Anyway to shrink the journal? A - David has published method to transport the journal but this lose the Journal's ability to trace activities. ToDo find David's doco.

Q - In light of 5MB limit on wiki pages and increasingly higher resolution images. What is best way to add images? A - Use Assets folder plug-in. This saves the original blob separately from the Wiki page.

Q - I don't need to keep original images, is there a Plug-in I can modify to compress images to post card size? A - Not yet. ToDo discuss with Ward.

# Talking Security and Abuse....

Paul shared News Digest site

Eric shared Logitech wireless mouse communication are not encrypted. Malicious Hacker with Crazy radio could set up near Bank teller, gain access and redirect funds. The same Crazy radio vector could access a Wallet account and transfer Crypto. Bot hacks using the Users own computer (oh shoot thanks Logitech!).

In light of Mark S Miller's update at TC39 on Frozen Realms we discussed implementation and the spec (which looks frozen) FrozenRealms

Q - What is a Frozen Realm? A - Introduction of an immutable root object. From which capabilities could be added.

Q - The SHA of an original a root object could be calculated with smart contract ... ToDo rewatch Miller's video lecture in Belgium.

Folks following Frozen Realms progress. Should review this thoughtful commentary with back and forth Q&A to clarify the spec .

# Raw Chat YouJournal on my wiki is getting long and starting to bounce the UI. Anyway to shrink the journal? 10:14 AMYouI can tell if someone in the federation forked my wiki article. Can I tell if someone read my wiki page? 10:20 AMduke crawford 10:32 AMPaul Rodwell 10:32 AMEric DobbsHow ward posts images: 10:38 AMEric GriffisGuys, I'm out of time. Thanks for opening this window into your process! 10:41 AMduke crawfordERic griffis do you have url to any social stuff you like? 10:42 AMEric GriffisSure! @dedbox on Github and Twitter. 10:43 AMduke crawfordgot it thx :) 10:43 AMEric GriffisCheck out racket-neuron - a framework for decentralized software "organisms" 10:43 AMPaul Rodwell 10:57 AMPaul Rodwell 10:59 AMduke crawford 11:13 AMduke crawfordquestion for Clive do you wanna keep getting NDN info? 11:18 AMYou@duke finding I'm too busy. 11:18 AMduke crawfordOK :) 11:18 AMYouLike to see NDM here :) 11:19 AM