Wiki HOA Notes 2/14

Once again we consider how the orginal wiki can migrate into the federation. Once again we ask, who is willing to curate a chunk of it. We'll chat about this in 10 min.


Presented: - demoed - coded - discussed

Edit FedWiki to follow DOM

Chris presented (walk thru) a FedWiki paragraph plugin updates follow the DOM. See Chrome r63/64.


Assets folder

Eric presented FedWiki assets folder resume builder plugin using chain of promises...


linked graph in another Wiki

Bryan presented note taking using Mindmaps alike linked graph (Edward DeBono).


Ties to demo by Chris: Chrome r63/64 releases have disruptive cache update issues with wiki. I reported to Chromium triage team (concurrent with early security for Spectre / Meltdown). Watch out for this issue, now fixed in Chrome r65. git