Wiki HOA Notes 1/31

Federated wiki meets Holochain in London hackathon, We'll video chat about this in 15 minutes...


Discussed: - Holochain - erights - JavaScript - OCap - Containers (animated gifs w/ capabilities) - Ward demoed history actions on pages (discussed fine grain diff'g) - NDN + blockchain and pico cryptocurrency (post HOA).


erights is brilliant (the penny finally dropped) implement capabilities with smart contracts! [working on a doc] 10:04 AMYouRelated to Move. Anyway to fork and rename? 10:07 AMduke crawfordobject capability, process travels w/ memory? 10:14 AMYou@BrendandBruns is half-way to adding objects to kubernetes 10:18 AMRobert Bestdo browsers support audio in GIFs? or something special is needed? 10:22 AMduke crawfordrobert: browsers don't yet 10:22 AMduke crawfordwe use plugin/special enviroment at and 10:22 AMWard Cunningham 10:23 AMChristopher ReayI love organics from code 10:24 AMYouDoesn't play in Chrome on Mac 10:24 AMChristopher Reayit is going interestingly 10:26 AMYouOTH Chrome 64 has security fixes for CPU vulnerabilities + more 10:27 AMduke crawfordinitialize javascript, dot assess? strict mode, don't let foo get rights to run unwanted js 10:30 AMRobert BestI forget where everyone is at, but maybe this is of interest if you are in the bay area: 10:33 AMRobert Best 10:33 AMPaul Rodwell 10:36 AMPaul Rodwell 10:36 AMRobert Best 10:37 AMRobert Best^^ Support for Decentralization Protocols 10:37 AMRobert BestDat Project (dat://) IPFS (dweb:// ipfs:// ipns://) Secure Scuttlebutt (ssb://) 10:38 AMYou 10:40 AMPaul Rodwell<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-Rksm5RenBEKSKFjgI3a41vrjkw4EVPlJ3+OiI65vTjIdo9brlAacEuKOiQ5OFh7cOI1bkDwLqdLw3Zg0cRJAAQ==" crossorigin=""/> 10:41 AM

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