Wiki HOA Notes 12/28

Federated wiki dev/user video chat notes

We discussed genetic takeover and distributed computer security. Shared was.

attendees - u no who

Unix security is at edge of its ability to secure computer security. Blockchains: Master Key To Unlock The Future thus helps explain the boom page

Interesting projects and links shared. - Beaker Browser is a peer-to-peer browser with tools to create and host websites page - Cryptographically-secure change feeds in the Dat protocol, and on the Web page - DAT project. Distributed data community page - Distributed cryptography page - Distributed and secure peer to peer social network page - LPWAN Low-Power Wide-Area Network page

On genetic takeover, no healthy ecosystem exists w/o predators. Modern browsers stop cross-site scripting. From http to https talk to local IP not http. And if you wanted to have a technology that you couldn't turn off, you'd build it on top of a blockchain like infrastructure. page