Wiki HOA Notes 12/20/17

New wiki item type mutation judged to be a super-power but only 80% complete. We will chat about what is next in 15 min page.

The HOA pod of Ward, Paul, Eric, Clive was joined by a guest. On mutations we closed on a note about microbiology and The Cell by Bruce Alberts. More inspiration on page forked from Ward page.

On stopping mutations of computer security we spoke about the implementation Extremely Modular Distributed JavaScript page.

Clive had implemented "strict mode" in single JavaScript function. Moving to multi-function JavaScript had come undone trying to figure out which functions require 'strict mode' or can be left alone.

Ward invited Eric to demo and walk through his implementation of Apparatus page to Time Zone Problems page. How Apparatus JavaScript functions had been decomposed for implementation in Wiki.

Eric showed how well written JavaScript may be decomposed and recomposed in Wiki in an iFrame. By this approach we can implement 'strict mode' in to make a safer plugin, to make it safer, we need capabilities explained by the talk on Frozen Realms Proposed at TC39 by Mark S Miller.

YOUTUBE tuMG7688Ndw Frozen Realms: Proposed Standard Support for Safer JavaScript Plugins

Bob and Carol are mostly confined.

Creating an immutable root ream