Wiki HOA Notes 1/17

Wiki plugin support for large assets now emerging.We'll video chat about this in 10 min.

Mainly we discussed the following:


- Mirror Worlds by David Gelernter book . Who wrote about perfect computer network effects that transform the real world into the financial world. Concentrating all the profits in the largest central server. So perfectly done that all the risks are transferred to edges. - Site Adapter architecture - DigitalOcean as an app container to IPFS (may be issues with licensing) - Beaker browser and Electron Fork (for computer security) - DePOLAized delegation chains for code hygiene. - HoloChain hackathon this weekend (see links) -NDN and Information Concentric Networking. Van Jacobson speaking in Kansas in March.



Robert Best 10:05 AMRobert Best 10:07 AMRobert BestA key sprint aim of the Holo Sprintathon week will be to implement a version of Federated Wiki on Holo, which has been christened LiquidWiki. Blockchain implementation will add secure verifiability to the provenance of content, which will significantly widen the applicability of the tool. We will be looking to have Ward Cunningham participate in video hookups. 10:14 AMduke crawford 10:14 AMYou 10:14 AMYou 10:37 AMRobert Best 10:41 AMduke crawford 10:42 AMduke crawford 10:42 AMYou 10:48 AMRobert Best Has everyone here heard of this project I'm involved with? I relates to a lot of what has been discussed so far... a system for creating p2p apps, using DHTs, and verified chains... 10:50 AMRobert Bestand also , a holochain app for co-hosting holochain apps, so that you can just access them through your browser instead of running a full-node on the network 10:51 AMEric DobbsI'm not familiar with holochain, but newly interested in these areas. So will look into it. 10:52 AMRobert Best 10:56 AMRobert Best^^ you can join our chat space here 10:56 AMRobert Best 11:00 AMduke 11:03 AMduke crawfordHTTP:// 11:03 AMduke crawford research says blockchain is better on NDN :) 11:05 AMEric Dobbs:-)