Wiki FruitChains

Collaborating with Ward to increase my understanding of wiki forking was fruitful. I learned my attempts at forking had failed because I had not grasped the concept of a neighborhood. Thus I could find (by looking in Ward's wiki). But I could not properly search nor correctly complete a fork without first adding a pod to my wiki.

Dr Elaine Shi @ Stanford Cyber

It dawned on me wiki Pods are blockchain FruitChains. These allow fair transactions across Blockchains by prepositioning Fruits (Apples, Oranges, Lemons etc) to solve lazy latency. Dr Shi’s had presented the FruitChain protocol to decrease the variance of mining rewards in bitcoin. Significantly lessens (or even obliterates) the need for mining pools. Important in robust interchain transactions paper

YOUTUBE SzmHOdV-HBo Dr Shi explains robustness...

FruitChain protocol improves fairness over the Nakamoto consensus in permissionless blockchain by hanging fruit in chains by the blockchain for transactions. I am unsure if fruitchains add a protocol layer or simply preposition? Wiki does not do machine mining, instead users mine content and fork a copy to their own wiki site. FruitChains behave like pods. No wonder wiki has so many colorful fruitful squares (my bad..)