Wiki Embargoed For Release

Wiki HOA on 11/22/17 with Ward discussed: Some experiments in traditional publishing with a wiki companion.

YOUTUBE tt5QEynwjKg 5,4,3,2,1 Release...

David spoke about fostering the wiki community with publishing templates and auto DNS. Clive chipped in Camlistore and Adron Hall have written code and blogged on this as Terraforming DNS. A key is one paid for domain auto generating, granting and maintaining sub domains as though real domains.

Ward spoke about book publishing work he has completed turning Wiki format into Amazon ready eBook format. This led into a discussion about attribution. Ward spoke how publishers require attribution but not awkward UX like Wikipedia. Paul has code plugins to enable in line attribution (not attribution interruption).

We discussed authors like to write none publically in order to earn economic value from book publishing. Clive chipped in wiki smart contacts to allow private authoring collaboration before publication. Ward had noticed videos by the Economic Space Agency's Gravity project talking specifics and echoing Mark S Miller's work on Capabilities-based access. Paul added a countdown UX is useful for content Embargoed for Release.

Ward asked us to play a game Long Trail Pages at with examples of plugins for hypertext. Write feedback like a movie critic. Also came up Imagine Transponder and @MevoCamera for recording self or talks with speakers.