Wiki Dev/User Video Chat Oct 31


Ward: Live note taking and sharing with federated wiki, what's missing? We'll video chat about this and other news starting in 15 minutes. …

# Discussion

- Kafka stream processing - IBM 3270 (10 sec latency) - Conway's Game APL - (matrices on streams) - Browser JS - JQuery (css parser) - Docker containers (too slow to spin-up) - Browser + Wasm - Space out in virtual memory (safe multi-tenancy)

# Seachange

Economists realise open source is more productive. How do we keep the Golden Goose laying eggs. Re-decentralisation?

On Smalltalk and software lineage. Altos and Alan Kay's compute was too expensive and not needed on a secure LAN. On the public internet security thru object-capabilities is revisited. See History of object-capabilities

# Chat

duke crawfordcrow is the most nutritious dish 10:22 AMEric Dobbs 10:28 AMChris GebhardtI like what I see of Luna. I'll have to compare to what Paul Chiasano is doing over at 10:34 AMWard Cunningham 10:36 AMYouDr Mike Stay who worked with Miller pointed to Together, Linux control groups and namespaces form a very capability-like API. 10:41 AMYou 10:42 AMYou 10:52 AMChris GebhardtHm.. mic not working I think 10:52 AMduke crawford 10:53 AMduke crawford priniciple: INDUCE rather than coerce to maximum possible degree 10:55 AMChris GebhardtDurian. Nobody would complain about that fruit name. :) 10:59 AMYouPrince's estate files trademark claim for specific shade of purple 10:59 AMduke crawford is like 'i, pencil' for software creation, people get paid to copy (push attention forward) 11:02 AMYouSeeing Cable & Wireless ship lay cables in the Caribbean. I wonder how to economics work in the age of Netflix. 11:14 AMduke crawfordstarlink 12000 satellites in 12 years, elon musk blankets world w signal 11:15 AMYou 11:19 AMPaul Rodwell 11:24 AMYou 11:24 AMChris Gebhardtack.. I've lost my audio 11:32 AMduke crawford 9 december c'ya there!