Wiki DevUser Video Chat Dec 11

We consider federated wiki as the basis for key exchange in a web of trust. Join our video chat starting in 15 minutes. link

Roster plus Ward.

# Agile discussion Before Agile was management advice. Agile patterns encapsulated ideas in code. Code objects (not object oriented).

Agile origins: Ward/Beck > Alan Kay > Whitehead > Another chap > Child physiologist.

# Crypto key exchange Social key exchange that does have to be face-to- face, it can be validated, sometimes opportunistically validated face-to-face.

Is the crypto key exchange as agile as RNA to DNA transcription.

Overview of transcription

In transcription, the DNA sequence of a gene is transcribed (copied out) to make an RNA molecule. Khanacademy

Could the immune system be the agile pattern that represents an imprecise crypto key recovery via web of trust?

# Ryan Dahl

Eric reprised takeaway from Ryan Dahl's talk on mistakes he made in Node. And ideas he's planning to borrow from the web browser in future work. i.e. using urls and capabilities.

Ryan's talk: 10 Things I Regret About Node.js - JSConf EU page

# Chat

Eric DobbsHere's a link to our riot chat: 10:22 AMJohn BywaterThanks. I'll join. 10:27 AMJohn BywaterThis is the transcript of the talk I gave at DDD EU at the start of the year: 10:27 AMYouIs the crypto key exchange as agile as RNA to DNA transcription 10:39 AMYouI'm taking notes 10:58 AM