Wiki and Glitch

Daydreams about hosting wiki on, combining dat, and gradually minimizing the server.

Server administration remains the most difficult barrier to entry for new wiki authors. We shortcut that obstacle by offering space in existing farms. Two recent experiments are especially promising for reducing this obstacle.

Paul's work on the dat variant have proved that a great deal of wiki can run without a server. In effect, the wiki client and the client-side of many plugins work just fine alone.

A newer experiment hosting wiki on offers the full node variant without server administration. It does introduce some limits in disk space and tolerable startup delays.

We could create a wiki reader variant that resembles dat but reads static javascript and json files from any http server. Server options include github pages, Netlify, Fastly, or similar providers.

Editing could all be in browser local storage, and network persistence could be provided by syncing local storage with storage service adapters that manage the permissions to write json files to the canonical source.

Perhaps this is just a generalization of the role dat plays in that variant. The public-private keys control write access to the dat, and the peers in the dat network transport the updated json to the other edges of the network.

Several features of glitch make it a more friendly home for authors who lack systems administration skills.

_Remix_ is glitch's name for what github and wiki call _forking_. It allows really simple installation of a new wiki.

The disk space of the projects is persistent. This is a huge win for wiki because we already prefer our flat file database.

Glich generates random subdomains under `` for all projects. Authors can change the generated name to their own unique name.

The projects are served over https. No need for authors to understand the proxy server.


Tracking work-in-progress here: Wiki Hosted on Glitch