Why Decentralization Matters

Chris Dixon on the “Web 3” — the third era of the internet. page

"For 3rd parties, this transition from cooperation to competition feels like a bait-and-switch. Over time, the best entrepreneurs, developers, and investors have become wary of building on top of centralized platforms. We now have decades of evidence that doing so will end in disappointment. In addition, users give up privacy, control of their data, and become vulnerable to security breaches. These problems with centralized platforms will likely become even more pronounced in the future."

Ties to Mark Miller's work: Cyber Risk Foresight

- The first two eras of the internet - “Web 3” — the third era of the internet - Why decentralization?

Platforms, relationship to compliments (developers, creators, businesses).

Platforms Relationship to users.

- How decentralization wins - Enter cryptonetworks - The next era of the internet

Ties to Ward Cunningham's work: here on FedWiki