What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin Dad, or Donnie the 39-year-old California-based father of two, who has a cult-like Twitter following under the pen name @bitcoin_dad. Has made enough money from trading digital currencies to pay off his mortgage, buy a Mercedes, and now swap office life for managing his remaining crypto investments full-time.

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A few like bitcoin Dad plan to ride the wave, but more investing in bitcoin are actually investing in the underlying blockchain network technologies. Thus the price of bitcoin is not so much linked to the coin as they are to decentralised technologies and dApps like Federated Wiki. Perhaps a Wiki Coin is twinkling somewhere out there ...

The full story by the FT's Hannah Murphy June 6, 2018, with additional reporting by Chloe Cornish covers how the early adopter are cashing out for speculators. This process has provided a liquidity event for bitcoin. Who really owns bitcoin now? FT:paywall