WebAssembly and Node.js - Ben Smith

Learn how WebAssembly (WASM) has the potential to unlock a class of applications that run at near native speeds. This talk details what WebAssembly is, the problems it is trying to solve, exciting future features, and how you can use it in Node.


Node 8 supports WebAssembly! WSAM is portable, size, and load-time efficient binary format for the web, supported by multiple browser vendors.

Why Use Web Assembly

Great talk on how WASM works with Node. Alas another Google web advocate who speaks about sandboxing without a deeper understanding of Mark Miller and TC39's work on bringing OCap to JavaScript.

I gleaned, WASM uses a Realms like push and pop pattern to export in and import out functions from the sandbox.

Ethereum will support WASM as eWASM. We plan to track eWASM.