Van Jacobson talk Networking at Google

Network innovation is stuck according to Van Jacobson. With a metaphor of Copernican Revolution, he reminisces about the 60s and 70s when network innovation was stuck in circuit switching of the original phone network. The invention of packet switching changed the center of the networked universe. He argues for a similarly dramatic shift to named-data networking: apply cryptography to data instead of pipes to address forces now limiting us.

YOUTUBE oCZMoY3q2uM On August 30, 2006, PARC Research Fellow Van Jacobson gave a talk titled "A new way to look at Networking" at Google


Compare Van Jacobson's story about discovery and invention in networking to Ward Cunningham's story about discovery and invention of Method Object pattern in programming: Story of Advancers.

Ralph Miller told many stories with similar themes from his time working on Project X (aka. SIGSALY) at Bell Labs in WWII. That project is particularly relevant to Van Jacobson's story about changes in networking. Circuit switching of the original phone network allows human voice to travel in analog waves over pairs of wires. Broadcasting military voices over radio waves crossing the Atlantic, lives depended on encrypted communications. According to Ralph, Information Theory was a documentation of common knowledge among the research team who designed Project X. The foundation of the cryptography that would enable named-data networking was laid at Bell Labs in Murry Hill, NJ. See Origin of Digits.

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