Tumblr Replaced

Things I miss on Tumblr:

Chronological view of my articles (Garden vs Stream) page

Custom URL: Allows renaming a page

Bulleted list: page

Why does adding a wiki content require an intermediate dialog to reach the content creation dialog - user still needs to activate the plugin factory - a button like Tumblr may be more intuitive for users conditioned by OSNs (online line social networks).

Wiki doesn't preserve links on inbound copy: is this for page safety?

Yes, Wiki uses the Caja javascript sanitizer to in all cases to block known unknowns. Except in the case of the html plug in which allows links in json and javascript.

Think of plug-ins as Starship Federation Transporters. Search for a plug-in called Transport ~ will allow links. About plugs page

I made a Lazy post from Tumblr, LinkedIn and Medium to test copy of links. Lazy Post

YouTube UI hints

As there's no visual cues on a fedwiki page that the paragraphs could be dragged and dropped. Tumblr/YouTube solves with UI hints.

ToDo: How to rename? a wiki page Ocap to Object-capability Security

I still an unsure how to fork wiki pages, more when remaining pages because the title needs changing better fit the authored wiki page. This is my muscle memory using Tumblr for 10 years almost daily. Not using Git anywhere near as frequently. Forking is easy, but how to proceed afterwards -- I will search for doco (may have found page )

Help. I'm don't grok how to copy forked wiki pages. So I'm cheating by just reading Ward's reads. Tumblr search is easy to search, find and copy. Here's an example of how I am struggling after forking. pages

# Recycled Pages A usability issues may case your welcome page to get clobbered by forking someone else's page. Recover your page from the trash can, briefly: fed.wiki/view/recycled-pages <shift> drag


ToDo update and status this page. I am no longer unsure how to use wiki (I still have much to learn about wiki).

Draft tag <draft> </draft>

- UI Traps -Don't sign in. Add an HTML title slug. -On that title slug an article -Both column borders turn yellow. -Now sign in: Neither columns will save. -Apparently this sequence produces phantoms.