Toward Resilient Secure Multiparty Web Apps

Recently we ran into @Kumavis leader of @MetaMask who is collaborating with Mark Miller, leader of Agoric, on SESify. A browserify plugin for generating app bundles. github

We reprised SESify in a talk, Toward Resilient Secure Multiparty Web Apps, at Angular Seattle Meetup. speakerdeck

During the weekly Federated Wiki video chat we shared and discussed how SESify approach to containers in plugins is similar to Wiki's Caja implementation. Ward

Paul lead maintainer at Wiki shared a bit old but interesting SES Frozen Realms. repo

Eric's glitch demo

A coda. Eric demoed his web-components approach to plugins with glitch. page .

We finished with discussion on how React is successful for teams to code modular content for single page apps using Redux.

Paul added a reminder that DAT is another approach built on the beakerbrowser . Apparently IPFS is charting a new course similar to DAT.

Ward noted in our Wiki pod we are each tracking key areas toward multiparty apps and a safer software supply chain.