Thoughtless Microservices Architecture

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Microservices an architectural style, in which complex applications are composed of small independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs. The pattern is well covered by the Federation here: Microservices Archiecture.

Bernd Leukert, CTO, Deutsche Bank (via Jon Reed)

While we agree on the pattern for software applications, we may well disagree on the extent it is being propagated as the foundational basis to modernize large networked scale businesses such as banking here

At the end-of-the-day, microservices are micro software components with a feedback loop for dynamic systems.

Franklin, Powell, Emami-Naeini (authors)

What microservices often skip over is dynamic systems also need feedback control, this is added after the fact with another layer of monitoring software for glitches or dynamic events such as back-pressure.

Each era of business software applications has been anchored by a new generation of database software:

- About 50 years ago ISAM (NoSQL) databases: Cullinet, EPIC, Pick. - About 30 years ago RDBMS (SQL) databases: Oracle, SAP. - About 15 years ago BigTable (NoSQL) databases: Amazon, Facebook, Google. - Barely 5 years ago (NewSQL) cloud databases: Spanner (including DLT).

What we really have is a battle playing out for the 4th generation of business database engineering on which large scale business applications fortunes are built.

Consider who is best optimized for modern business interoperability? NewSQL here DLT here

Or should we keep lashing together prior era applications forklifted to the cloud with prior era databases using microservices..?