The Square And The Tower - Nail Ferguson

[Oops I misspelt Niall's name]. Ferguson's book concludes with the key to Trump's election win over Clinton was due to Silicon Valley's online social networks superseding broadcast media hierarchies...

YOUTUBE f3rhUZPNqX0 Niall Ferguson | Talks at Google

Piazza Del Campo in Siena - pic credit Daily Telegraph.

With social networks like Facebook and Twitter in abundance, the effects of networks on society in the twenty-first century are inarguable. However, Niall Ferguson, author of The Square and the Tower, argues that networks are not a new phenomenon and have been impacting human culture from the beginning of history.

YOUTUBE iAWmWBm2TkY Niall Ferguson and Peter Robinson discuss networks and hierarchies.

Ferguson goes on to discuss the importance of networks in social movements throughout history, including Martin Luther and the Reformation, Paul Revere and the American Revolution, Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union, and social media and Donald Trump. He argues that a networked world is a dangerous world, in that it allows movements and societies to advance in unexpected ways.

Today we experience dangerous effects predicted in Mirror Worlds already seen in Lenham Brothers and electioneering.

In Federated Wiki and Blockchain ecosystems we observe computer science at work architecting for a genetic takeover.

The imperative nextstep for online system designers is we incorporate capabilities to attenuate dangerous effects in networks.