The Facebook Dilemma

FRONTLINE conducted a major investigation of Facebook’s impact on privacy and democracy around the world.

YOUTUBE T48KFiHwexM Part 1. 55 mins

YOUTUBE EuA4qxPbpQE Part 2. 54 mins

Comparing Wiki and Facebook brings up the design differences. These differences are tend to be more apparent based on experienced usage rather than casual observation.

- Engagement - Privacy - Federated decentralisation - Facebook centralisation - Going concern - Open-source project - Ad-tech based - Advertisement free - Collecting personal data (or not) - Obeys data collection laws (or does not) - Sharing data with 3rd parties (or not) - Sandboxed 3rd party apps vs plugins - Surveillance (or not) - Fake accounts Overdue is PhD candidate or postgraduate researcher looking into the comparative patterns and the impact on privacy and democracy.