The Enemy Was Not The Computer!

YOUTUBE wHY-klyVT7k The enemy was not the computer! It's the human.

Bloomberg newsroom c. 2008. The context is here: > As Gawker reported at the time: "A radio reporter called Jeff Weiser was told to pre-write a story on an expected change in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, so that it could be published the instant the news was official. At Bloomberg, no one works for just one service; the company tries to tie together radio, TV and newswires. The system is complicated, and it's easy to make a mistake. > According to a colleague, Weiser's brief headline was a released a few minutes early, as a result of a technical glitch. When he was fired, colleagues remonstrated with Winkler, and begged for Weiser's reinstatement. Here's the "deranged bowtie", quaking with rage. "No. The enemy was not the computer. That's wrong. Excuse me! The enemy was not the computer. That's why we are having this meeting. I figured that a lot of you were going to think this way. It's wrong! It's not the computer, it's the human." (Insert more exclamation marks.)"

"If even the global population can’t club together to save my YouTube channel, then the only alternative peaceful resolution platform defection. If I build it equitably and in keeping with a Bill of rights and/or Magna Carta will you come? #secondmedia #innocentuntilprovenguilty page