Talk At Code Camp

YOUTUBE YQFPAyCgOlI Wiki demod live at Seattle CC

Dr SES is not Dr Seuss

Clive's talk after a cancellation

Alas, talking Dr.SES and demoing Wiki at Seattle Code camp. I learned few application developers and software architects even from Microsoft understand ACL vs Object-capabilities.

That Mark S Miller and Caridy PatiƱo have fostered the Frozen Realms API. Pending impact on JavaScript as first class Ocap programming language and web apps. May as well be a story about Dr Seuss than Dr. SES. Examples, code, education, talks, all are needed to show what's possible.

Updated my slides based on feedback at code camp page

A coda: My slides will need more updates to make Ocap cool enough that software developers will attend my talk!

YOUTUBE KWNsjjjDj_0 What banks think consumers want...

YOUTUBE aAn9CQGZuz8 How web developers learn new stuff...