Sustainability and Digital Twins

Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)

"I have a little piece of music for you ...

YOUTUBE r7KwP-PZdHI Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk) talks about Stop Plastic Pollution.

We wrote about Kraftwerk and SAP here: innovators digital-liences leaders platforms

Stop Plastic Pollution – Florian Schneider(Kraftwerk co-founder), Dan Lacksman (Telex)

We now see a pattern. ERP industry innovation accompanied by growth occurs when big shifts in materials management coincide with big shifts in computer architecture.  Consider the history: - Joe Orlicky's MRP and E.F Codd's RDBMS at IBM results SAP R/1 - Oliver Wight integrated MRP and general ledger into the closed loop business system combines with networked PCs (Netware etc). Results in MRP II and SAP R/2. - Eliyahu Goldratt combines theory of constraints (ToC) with Toyota's quality movements, finite scheduling and Intel's Pentium and Window NT. Results in SAP R/3.  - Marc Andreessen creates the graphical web browser facilitates offshored materials management results in SAP ECC. While the Netweaver web server is and huge cost reductions in computer memory are combined with LLVM query in new real-time HANA database. Results in SAP S/4.  Notice hardly any changes in materials management between R/3 and S/4 page . Alas over this period climate change is underway. The NoSQL movement emerges, superseded by NewSQL, powered by hyperscalers resulting in cloud computing as the platform for business applications today. Meanwhile top research universities work on consensus engines and sustainability both needed for the MDR Material Demand Reduction movement for climate change. Sustainability in materials management has combined with the digital twin in cloud computing. Can we help save the fish?