11/15 HOA with Wiki regulars discussed Subdividing the Federation. Ward posed the question. What is the role for controlled read access to wiki?

Flag of the United Federation. By Source, Fair use,

David spoke about more machinery for Transporters. This could be summed up as security. I don't think David actually intends security, moreso local Wiki functionality so granular it is anthropology driven process collaboration so simple it needs no compute driven workflow?

Is this smart contacts or is more simple tools for Agreeing With Strangers? page


Of note is Bret Taylor's work with Quip for Salesforce: Documents with Superpowers page

Pam reinforced need for simplicity as unfamiliar capabilities easily confuses users new to Wiki (same effect any document authoring system). Looking forward to LEAP in xh2027 page

Eric shared Claude Shannon's computer security work mostly unknown because patents for WWII encryption were hidden from mid 1940's to 1970's. page

We discussed Snowden's following Satoshi to motivate cryptography standards this landed back at Miller's work. How we need to support decentralisation standards by doing wiki projects.

Paul spoke about Electron page and also Mike Crawfield's latest video on Pinterest. How it's recommender engine has bias video

We closed with David's Jellyfish demo