Student Interactions in Edmodo Versus Facebook

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We happened on a PhD thesis by educator Dr. Liza Sejkora who researched the student interaction differences between an academic social network site Edmodo and Facebook. Experiences were gathered in an attempt to describe specific experiences in a complex system. Thesis

> A surprising benefit of Edmodo is the lack of social cues enable students to feel free of judgment when composing writing. Some felt this allowed students to know their classmates better and share their true personae free from judgment of classmates. As a result of the case studies of four students, this study seeks to illustrate how students interact in Edmodo versus Facebook to provide a robust image of the academic social network site for teachers seeking to implement educational technology in their classes.

The Dayton Experiment.

We notice parallels in a new book Ward co-authored with Thompson Morrison and Jami Fluke.

The Dayton Experiment: How a public school in rural Oregon reimagined education, unleashed its students’ creative potential, and became a model for the nation Paperback – January 20, 2020