Stanford Cyber Initiative

A grant by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Hewlett) is fostering the Stanford Cyber Initiative: Understanding “Cyber-Social Systems” page

Federated Wiki is one such initiative, I posit it. Wiki intersects writing a personal blog in short form with federated database technologies by way of content discovery and Ward Cunningham's insights into online cooperation. Fostering social understanding online between strangers by way of Mark S Miller's work on computer security towards robust composition. Concretely Wiki implement's Miller's work in Caja as well as fellow Googler Van Jacobson's Content Centric Networking cementing already. Wiki does so by developing the simplest application that "Looks like you've reached the end". Then offers an ability to keep writing instead of stopping. Further implementing Miller's visionary work can lead to visionary foresight into understanding Cyber-Social Systems (pun intended). Mark S. Miller, Ph.D. is a senior fellow at the Foresight Foundation page .