Spatial Density of Diagrams

We randomly construct boxes in three-space varying number, size and density to get a feel for how complex a diagram will still expose its interior when viewed from the most advantageous angle.

We construct and view sample configurations using openSCAD's solid geometry primitives.

color("lightgray") cube([250,250,5],true); for(x=[-100:10:100]) for(y=[-100:10:100]) for(z=[5:10:100]) if(rands(0,100,1)[0]<5) translate([x,y,z]+rands(-2,2,3)) color(c=rands(0,1,3),alpha=.8) cube([20,20,10],true);

We find a diagram this complex can be viewed in its totality when freely zoomed and rotated in projection.

Now with real data, similar number of boxes, services stacked on the teams that own them, some hot with incidents. expand


Perhaps visualize complex systems such as microservices incidents...