Smart Contracts Unchained Brooklyn Event

Hosted at blockchain hub PencilWorks in Greenpoint, "Smart Contracts Unchained" will feature two of the most promising up-and-coming smart contract platforms: Gravity and RChain. event

Smart contracts have already created hundreds of billions of dollars of economic value in their early stages, but further innovations are needed to deliver truly scalable smart contract technology.


Gravity, a post-blockchain technology that revolutionizes smart contracts, is a cryptographic object-capable computational fabric architected specifically for the creation of natively scalable, secure, interoperable smart contract and smart organization networks. Gravity aims to add the following qualities to blockchains: scalability, privacy, security, interoperability, and governance. It is the first token to be launched by the Economic Space Agency, which endeavors to rewrite the DNA of the economy to create wealth and power for ALL people. gravity

RChain platform is a transformation in blockchain technology as it empowers its users. On the RChain platform, smart contracts are concurrent and formally verified by the compiler, so they’re fast, versatile, and secure. Those contracts are written in RhoLang, which is a strongly-typed, concurrent, and correct-by-construction language. RChain's mission is to become a blockchain solution with industrial-scale utility by providing content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transactions at the speed of Visa. rchain